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The Red Shore - Unconsecrated & Lost Verses (CD)

The Red Shore
Unconsecrated & Lost Verses
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 07 November 2009, 5:02 PM

If someone could give me an answer on what exactly this release is, I would be more than happy to hear it, since I am extremely confused. The release's title is Unconsecrated/Lost Verses. Unconsecrated is the name of the band's debut album (2008) and Lost Verses was the band's new album which got released earlier this year. The release I am now holding may have both names on it but many things are not so clear…

Listenable's site, as well as the band's Myspace don't have this release and they only have one with the same release date which is titled Unconsecrated and appears to have a bonus CD and DVD. I am sorry but I should inform the label that I can't just get a plain CD with no info. Anyway, I don't even care what this is and I will see this release as a whole.

THE RED SHORE is a modern and technical Death Metal band from Australia. Their decent talent, pretty nice releases and BLEEDING THROUGH's ex guitarist Jona Weinhofen, will surely help them slowly enter the international scene and become known, since the music they play is kind of commercial right now (who would expect brutal music to be 'cool'?). Technical breaks with relentless drumming and growling vocals are the main ingredients for this album and I can say that the guys have worked really well on presenting them in a really professional way.

The sound is also crystal clear and heavy enough to add the necessary feeling to the music. What I found negative is that despite they are really good, they are not good enough to stand out of the crowd. What I mean is that the band has not many different things to offer from the bands that belong to the specific kind of music and fire up the stages worldwide. If you like this kind of music, THE RED SHORE seem a good choice, but for the rest of you there are surely better things out there…

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Jamie Hope - Vocals
Jason Leombruni - Guitar
Roman Koester - Guitar
Jon Green - Bass
Jake Green - Drums
Record Label: Listenable Records


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