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The Senseless - Into The Realm Of The Senseless (CD)

The Senseless
Into The Realm Of The Senseless
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 27 May 2007, 7:52 AM

Many of you may be aware of this release, some others may have understood what's the catch behind this album, but I am pretty sure that there are people who don't know what THE SENSELESS are all about. Do you know a band called THE BERZERKER? So, THE SENSELESS is Bean's (THE BERZERKER's bassist) solo project. If I judge from his music with his former band, I think I will have to face a sick and twisted album.

Even though I didn't manage to find any info regarding this solo project, I think that this project must be pretty new. As Bean says, the ideas are old. He has written riffs and lyrics that may be ten or even almost twenty years old. He first released these songs as a demo back in 2004, but he decided to re-record them with much more decent equipment, as well as the help of some of his friends. So, he called Matt Wilcock (AKERCOCKE, THE BERZERKER) to do the mixing and the guitar engineering, as well as to play a solo in the track Crippled Trash. EVILE's Ol Drake also contributed a solo in the track Promise. The same song features lyrics written from the author James DaCosta.

Everyone that knows Sam Bean definitely expects a work that can be described with words such as extreme, sick and insane. I do not want to let you down my friends; this album is really extreme, since its speed can sometimes be faster than the speed of light! It is also sick just because it is a Sam Bean work! And it can also be described as insane because of Bean's insane compositions. This guy must really transform his worst nightmares into riffs! The music he plays with THE SENSELESS is a mixture of almost every extreme Metal genre, filtered through an Industrial sound. I could say that this band is a bit more extreme version of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. Distorted vocals, brutal shredding riffage and blasts that reach 550bpm!!! As Bean said, he wanted to make some stuff that would be impossible to be recreated live. The production is pretty good for this style, but this Industrial sound can be a bit noisy sometimes (to my ears). I really do not know how to comment this album since this guy really knows how to confuse the Metal audience (he has already proven that with THE BERZERKER).

I think that this album is mostly for people that always look for something different and challenging. If you already know his work with THE BERZERKER, you will probably like Into The Realm Of The Senseless. If you prefer the classic Metal sound and do not agree with the term progression, you will probably prefer to buy the latest SAXON album.

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You Love It
A Big Comedown
Crippled Trash
You Are Nothing
No Bomb Is Big Enough
Happy Ever After
After Happy Ever (Unmetal)
Sam Bean - Vocals, All Instruments

Guest Musicians:
Matt Wilcock - Guitar
Ol Drake - Guitar
Record Label: Anticulture Records


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