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The Syn - Syndestructible (CD)

The Syn
by Georgia at 02 April 2006, 9:38 PM

40 years of silence… and the masterpiece is here. Without excess Syndestructible, released by Umbrello Records, must be one of the most important releases in the latest years… at least to my ears. Cure for the soul.
Original members Chris Squire (Yes) on bass/background vocals and Steve Nardelli on vocals surrounded by Paul Stacey (Oasis) on guitar/vocals, brother Jeremy Stacey (Oasis) on drums and keyboardist Gerard Johnson (also in BGVs). United powers are here to give us their suggestion regarding progressive, psycho Rock/Pop music. And they did excellent.
Squire was and is known from Yes of course but Nardelli  never did anything in the music scene again, while he chose to make a career in the fashion business. How admirable is that for a man to come back in music scene after 40 years! Breaking Down Walls starts off together with the beautiful, smooth melodic vocals of Chris Squire and the album begins to flow easily…The warm, clean, elegant and calming vocals of Steve Nardelli lead my thoughts away, like he was a story teller, while Chris Squire's talented hands create fabulous bass line tunes and his unmistaken gentle back vocals illumine their music. Gerard Johnson's classy keyboards and smart melodies give a delicate, atmospheric stroke to the album ranging from smooth synthesizers to big retro-organ sounds.  Paul Stacey's guitars are perfect, just as they had to be. Full, glowing, impassioned, well played. I liked that guitar slide bits on Golden Age a lot. Jeremy Stacey's drums are light, stable and easy going, sparkling at moments, contributing a solid backbeat without getting boring. The Syn is an extremely tight band and knows how to get to the point. No stress, no super duper drums, no guitar miracles, no vocal stretching, just pure and honest music.
I found the lyrics of Syndestructible, which according to the band, the title of the album refers to the fact that Squire and Nardelli have survived 40 years apart and can still come together to create great music, equally interesting. Optimistic, mature prompts getting out through notes, focusing mostly on the 60's themes about life and how people should act, dream and live! Get up! Get out! The world is waiting!
The excellent production of Syndestructible stands out from the very first moment, full, clean, warm and friendly towards your ears. I must admit that the album was spinning madly inside my CD player for more than 4 hours unstoppably and it got completely stuck repeating the City Of Dreams for more than half an hour. Also very interesting is the instrumental break Reach Outro, which includes wonderful keyboard passages; really beautiful. This album is not only highly recommended by my side, but I think that it belongs to a higher status, if I am allowed to say so. There aren't really many words to describe it. Absolutely perfect… In the city of dreams, the dreams come true!

5 Star Rating

Breaking Down Walls
Some Time, Some Way
Reach Outro
Cathedral Of Love
City Of Dreams
Golden Age
The Promise
Jeremy Stacey - Drums
Gerard Johnson - Keyboards & Vocals
Paul Stacey - Guitars 7 Vocals
Steve Nardelli - Vocals
Chris Squire - Bass & Vocals
Record Label: Umbrello Records


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