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The Wicked - Sonic Scriptures Of The End Times (CD)

The Wicked
Sonic Scriptures Of The End Times
by Evi Tsitsi at 10 November 2004, 5:09 AM

First of all this CD provoked my interest because some of the songs had Greek titles. That's why I chose it in the first place for review. I must also say that the report of this album rewards me generously. I can't stop listening to it over and over again. This group can make you feel a mystery atmosphere when you hear them, even when the sun has risen. The Wickedcan make you journey to another world, can make you imagine that you are in a horror movie. That's why I believe that this work can also match as a horror movie's soundrack.
The Wicked is comprised by members of bothFinntroll and Moonsororrow. Recordings for their second albumSonic Scriptures Of The End Times/Songs To Have Your Nighmares Withsaw Sinergy's frontman Kimberly Goss contributing guest vocals. Their previous work was the debut album named For Theirs Is The Flesh.
I don't remember when was the last time that I heard such a great Black/Death Metal album. Seventy four minutes of total running time and I'm suprised by how these guys interlace so many elements together…really heavy guitars, drums which smash like hammers, paranoid synths and orchestrations, howlings from the abyss, an accordion (?!) and some slow melodic parts but absolutely not boring. My favourite song is track number six, H8 Universal, which is one minute and a half long. During that time the drums sound like rapit blast beasts. Of course all the songs from this album have their own spot. Phobos IV is more of an industrial song, To Kill A Friend makes a much more melancholic atmosphere and Digital Satan is a pure Black Metal song.
Extreme noize like their Finnish neighbors, Impaled Nazarene, with some industrial moments. Friends of Crandle Of Filth and early Moonspellwill surely adore this work. I don't have anything wicked to say for The Wicked (!). The group deserves your attention.
- Album Highlights: H8 Universal and Unbirthday Song(a different version of a birthday song)

4 Star Rating

Epithimia Gia Athanasia
Riddles Without Answers And Celestian Mechanics
Phobos IV
Point - Black Avenue And Unbirthday Song - The Ultimate Ordeal
To Kill A Friend
H8 Universal
Vaptisma Tis Gnosis
Digital Satan
Lex Praedatorious - Eaters Of The Weak
Necotron - Vocals
M. Fistoffeles - Guitars
Erzebeath Meggadeath - Drums
Record Label: Spikefarm Records


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