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The Wretched End - Ominous

The Wretched End
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 24 October 2010, 12:10 AM

I had no damn clue about this band and who is behind it, still I pressed the “play” button to listen to what was hidden in… these mp3 files. Despite the somehow TESTAMENT-like intro, the album took a slightly different turn, and while I was listening to the true face of the band, I started discovering some pretty interesting stuff about them. Let’s see some basic information about THE WRETCHED END
It all started when Sammoth (EMPEROR, ZYKLON) met with Cosmo (MINDGRINDER) in 2008 and decided to form this project. THE WRETCHED END was complete in 2009 when Nils Fjellstrom (DARK FUNERAL, IN BATTLE, AEON) stepped behind the drums. So, will this all star project succeed or fail like many others?

Failure is not an option for this trio since “Ominous” isn’t afraid of showing its true intentions right from the start. Armed with a deadly sound production, this project’s debut album presents a mixture of modern Thrash/Death Metal with some Black Metal touches. Sammoth proves that he is a talented guitarist once again, while Cosmo accompanies him with his lethal six string weapon (as well as his four string) and Fjellstrom completes this disharmonic orchestra with his sick drumming. Of course, the comparison between this project and ZYKLON is kind of unavoidable, since you will find some common elements in the music of these two bands. The fact is that ZYKLON is a bit more chaotic, while Sammoth has paid more attention on creating solid as fuck song structures here, with “Ominous” being a pretty “concrete” album.

If you are a fan of this music or the above musicians then I guess you should spend some time (or money) on these three psychos and see for yourselves. Let’s see if this promising project will lead to a fine band that will offer more quality albums and hopefully dynamic live performances.

3 Star Rating

  1. Introduction
  2. Red Forest Alienation
  3. The Armageddonist
  4. Last Judgement
  5. Of Men And Wolves
  6. Numbered Days
  7. With Ravenous Hunger
  8. Fleshbomb
  9. Human Corporation
  10. Residing In Limbo
  11. The Juggernaut Theory
  12. Zoo Human Syndrome
Cosmo – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Sammoth – Guitar
Nils Fjellstrom – Drums
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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