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Theatres Des Vampires - Anima Noir (CD)

Theatres Des Vampires
Anima Noir
by Harry Papadopoulos at 03 September 2008, 12:22 PM

It's early in the afternoon. I power on my PC and open the CD tray. I got the top CD from a list I have and I realize that it is the new album from THEATRES DES VAMPIRES! I'm trying to convince myself that this is not true. But, unfortunately, it is happening!

I tried to find out some things about them in their official site, but instead of a bio, there is something that a guy wrote in a magazine! So I had to search in Wikipedia (they have the link in their site!) to gather some info. Formed in 1994 and having a male singer, they released their first demo a year later. From 1996 since nowadays, the band released eight albums (???). Anima Noir is the second one with Sonya Scarlet behind the microphone. Continued reading the things they wrote, someone that is unaware of the band can easily think that THEATRES DES VAMPIRES are the greatest band in the universe! They even say that …the band created a coherent image of vampirism in their stage performance…, but if you see some of the live footage in YouTube, the only thing you will see is a 'pose' band. Furthermore, in their bio, they say that they are playing Vampire Metal. I'm sorry but this thing is getting funnier.

If you ever listened to some of their songs, you will probably agree with me that this band - with their silkily compositions - are far away from anything that deals with vampires. Those guys are playing the most uninspired music I have heard for a long time. Anima Noir is an album that doesn't have any reason to exist. I can't believe why bands that have nice ideas and write MUSIC are not able to sign a contract and they have one! Easy-listening melodies and childish instrumentation is what this album is all about. Their music can be described as Pop/Goth Metal for little 'wannabe' girls that like leather mini skirts and black nails.  

Believe me, I already wrote enough for this band from Italy. I have better things to do and better things to listen to. Believe me, stay away!

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Unspoken Words
From The Deep
Blood Addiction
Wherever You Are
Two Seconds
Anima Noir
Fabian Varesi - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Gabriel Valerio - Drums, Backing Vocals
Zimon Lijoi - Bass, Backing Vocals
Sonya Scarlet - Vocals
Stephan Benfante - Guitar
Record Label: Aural Music


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