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Thelemite - Light

by Marcus TheRocker at 11 November 2014, 5:04 PM

Usually the general rule with EP’s is that you have 5 or more songs on it but when you have less then that, you should really call it a single. So when you see a band has just gone and released a 3 track “EP”, you begin to wonder why they called it that when in actual fact it should be called a single. Moving on now and the release in question is “Light” which is a new EP from a Greek band called THELEMITE.

This 4 piece quartet formed in Korydallos, Peireus in Greece in the autumn of 2010 and their debut album “Slave to Desire” was released in 2013. This year they released a single for one of the songs that appears on their new EP “Light” and this shall be the focus of this review. Because this is a very short release, this won’t take long to talk about.

The EP clocks in at around 14 minutes over three tracks which include two originals titled “Siren Song” and the single “God of Light” as well as one cover which is “Headless Cross” by British band BLACK SABBATH. All three tracks on this are very heavy paced Hard Rock combined with some Metal as well for good measure. For a band like this, it seems to work surprisingly well and the end result is actually not too bad for such a short release.

Music performance wise, the guitars are nice and heavy with some fast sections that do impress as do the heavy drumbeats and the deep bass riffs. Vocal performance wise, it’s not too bad and I’m quite impressed by the singer’s ability but there are bits where it does fall down in places such as the screams but fortunately there’s not so many of those on this so I’ll let that one slide as well as the occasional hit and miss performance which isn't really something worth worrying about for the most part.

Time to round up this review with a quick summary. For the most part, it’s surprisingly not too bad for something that’s very short although I still think they should have called it a single rather than an EP but that’s just me.

3 Star Rating

1. Siren Song
2. God of Light
3. Headless Cross (Black Sabbath Cover)
Johnny Nightelf - Guitars,Vox
Nikos Michalakakos - Bass
Johnny XT - Keyboards, Vox
Thodoris SavageHeart Tsiligiannis - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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