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TheNAME- Unchained

by Danny Sanderson at 01 August 2014, 7:34 PM

The Netherlands has an incredibly fertile Rock and Metal scene. In terms of Extreme Metal, this country stands as one of the best in not just Europe, but the whole world. It features some fairly good Rock acts too; bands like LORD VOLTURE have been peddling their Hard Rock wares for the last four or five years. And many bands are beginning to follow suit, such as THENAME, from Amsterdam. Whereas LORD VOLTURE have a string sound and a physical presence even on record, THENAME seem a bit unsure of themselves, and have been victims to average production on their debut full length "Unchained". Nonetheless, this album showcases a band that have a lot of potential to become one of Holland's hard hitting Hard-Rockers.

This album is all right; not exactly great, but by no means bad either. The talent on display is enough to make it decent enough to avoid being swamped in mediocrity, but there aren't that many songs that really grab your attention. The song that opens the album and serves as the first single, "Draw the Line", is pretty much the best song on the album; it opens with a RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE style riff, then bursts into something not a million miles away from Nu Metal. However, this song is quite misleading, as no other track on this record sounds like it. Songs like "Radiate" and "Masquerade" are fairly standard, Metal-tinged Rock tracks. "Twisted" is really melodic and has groove, and stands as one of the best tracks on the album. Both sets of vocals complement each other quite well, although throughout the album, due to the mix, they sound quite weak. Musically, there is a lot of different influences from across the Rock and mainstream Metal spectrum on display, especially through the guitar work. One minute, you could be listening to a melodic and groovy tune to a straight up Rock song, to a chugging Metal riff. The main downside to this album is that what is on offer, although it isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, is incredibly generic; you can hear a lot of similar songs from different bands. However, this is the band's first full length, and hopefully their sophomore effort will show a progression and see them develop their own sound and style. Also, the vocals definitely need to get a mix that gives them the power and presence that they should have had. By improving in these two areas, I'm pretty sure that these guys will grow to become successful, both nationally and internationally.

If I had to sum this album up in one word, it would sadly have to be average. It just lacks some of the depth and riffs, as well as powerful vocals, which could have made this a truly excellent album. With any luck, their next album will be far better.

3 Star Rating

1. Draw The Line
2. Radiate
3. Masquerade
4. Imperfect
5. Twisted
6. Image
7. Missed
8. One
9. Restricted
10. Fight
11. Cruel Thoughts
12. Into My Dream
Hadassa - Vocals
Silas - Guitar
Rens - Guitar
Tim - Bass
Jasper - Drums
Record Label: V2 Records


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