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Thenighttimeproject - Thenighttimeproject

by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 28 February 2016, 11:53 AM

Thenighttimeproject is a debut band and album from former members of KATATONIA, MOURNING FAME, and MANDYLON. The album contains eight tracks, and is described as both “close and far away from what you would expect.” “The Annual Loss” has an ethereal, unassuming opening riff that leads to introspective, soft vocals that gain emotional energy as the track reaches the chorus. It definitely has a feeling of KATATONIA but perhaps not as heavy at its core. “Oneiros” oozes with ambience, almost floating above the clouds and swirling all around you without you being able to touch it. The lone lead guitar breaks cut through the vapors with stark contrast but without taking away from the delicacy of the track. “Caustic Reflection” has more of a guitar presence and a little more accessible melody but still has that doomy quality that is so easy for you to connect with. The chorus resonates warmly and is something that you want to sing along with. Towards the end the heaviness is elevated and is really wraps up the song nicely.

Though “Dissolve” is still petty mellow, the electronica has more inhabitance in this song and the staccato drum and guitar hits underneath impart a feeling of suspense and apprehension. “Among Reptiles” has a simple guitar riff that allows the vocals to be drawn out, filling up the empty spaces in your conscience with a foreboding sense of glory. “Empty Signs” has a bit of a cleaner guitar riff but the lyrics and harmonic vocal parts convey a bereaved state, reminiscent of something you might hear from PORCUPINE TREE. I would have to think quite hard to find a song that brews with as much emotion from so little instrumentation. “Amends” imparts a similar feeling but hints at more hope than despair at times. It’s more of a soul-bearing listening experience, accented especially in the chorus.

Closing the album is the track “Desert Prayers.” It’s a little fuller in terms of what is presented in the various instruments and the heaviness bubbles underneath, so modestly that you might not notice it if you were not paying close attention. This is a technique which is hard to accomplish and one of the things I have always enjoyed about good music in this genre. The title of the band and album are spot on. This doomy, ambient and emotional album is something that would make a perfect night time listening experience, alone in an open field, under a blanket of stars and a warm fire. The more that you listen to it, the more nuances you discover that pull you in deeper into the music. How they are able to make you feel so heavy with such finespun compositions is the real magic to their sound.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Annual Loss
2. Oneiros
3. Caustic Reflection
4. Dissolve
5. Among Reptiles
6. Empty Signs
7. Amends
8. Desert Prayers
Tobias Netzell – Vocals
Fredrik Norman – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Nicklas Hjertton – Drums
Record Label: Aftermath Music


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