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Theocracy – As The World Bleeds Award winner

As The World Bleeds
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon at 28 February 2012, 2:26 AM

THEOCRACY was formed as one man project by Matt Smith who played all instruments on THEOCRACY debut album that came out in 2003. The second album "Mirror of Souls" came out in 2008 containing new members to the band: Shawn Benson on drums and Jon Hinds on guitar. The album was improved with its production and received great reviews all around the world also thanks to the high level of musicianship on the album. The album also contains 23 minutes track playing that sums up of what THEOCRACY is all about.

In the same time Jared Oldham joined the band as their bass player with Whiz Val Allen on guitar, and the lineup of the band was complete. It led the band to their first European tour. THEOCRACY went from a one man solo project into a successful band. Their new album "As the World Bleeds" is a straight continuance of their previous album and brings new powers and a strong material. I am not a big fan of Progressive Metal at all but they succeed to turn my opinion upside down and show me the beauty on the genre. THEOCRACY’s music described as Power Metal with a little classic Metal touch and speed as well with daring to create uncompromised progressed direction.

The album is filled with harmonic vocals and diverse guitar riffs that reminded me a combination between PANTERA and ANNIHILATOR. This is a masterpiece, there is not a weak song here. The music is in the highest level that one can ask for, from shredding solos to catchy melodies and powerful verses. Just take a listen to their first track "I Am " and you willbe impressed by the brilliant song writing, starting with a symphonic fading in that melting into vocals harmonies and guitar melodies. As the powerful guitar riff entered I was astonished as it caught me soon as I heard it. I fell in love with Matt Smith vocals that reminded me little bit Jeff Waters’ vocal pattern. He has a great wide vibrato that let him reach to high level notes with his amazing clean voice. The Folkish twist part in the song is the magic secret of THEOCRACY,it shows that no matter which Metal genre they will dare to try, they will confirm that they are definitely relaying on the professional side. The dynamic between the drums and guitar fit as well with the odd time parts that makes those sound so unique through the entire album.

Another great track is "Nailed”. It isheavy, speedy song, with an epic chorus, very melodic and the two solos part demonstrate an awesome shred guitar work. Also in their ballads they exhibiting an impressive work, "The Gift of Music" is a nice ballad with a melody chorus that will stick to your mind, very bombastic and tough. The beauty in THEOCRACY’s music is that they know how to change the atmosphere of the song in a perfect way, from a beautiful ballad the song turns to Speed Metal with a tough attitude . "30 Pieces of Silver", a very theatrical song with a bombastic chorus with fast guitars that contribute to the song.  I recommend this album of one of the greatest that I've heard and this is a good way to start the year. This album is remarkable and I am sure that even if you dislike Progressive Metal, this album is going to change something in your perspective. 

5 Star Rating

1. I AM
2. The Master Storyteller
3. Nailed
4. Hide in the Fairytale
5. The Gift of Music
6. 30 Pieces of Silver
7. Drown
8. Altar to the Unknown God
9. Light of the World
10. As the World Bleeds
Matt Smith- Vocals
Jon Hinds -  Guitar, Vocals
Val Allen Wood - Lead Guitar
Shawn Benson -  Drums
Jared Oldham – Bass
Record Label: Ulterium Records


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