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Theosophy – Towers Of Dark Pantheon

Towers Of Dark Pantheon
by Quinten Serna at 01 July 2020, 4:19 PM

THEOSOPHY, the idea of achieving a sort of peace or everlasting bliss in reference to a manner of divinity or some greater force through personal aspirations and attempts to relate the spirit and mind to that of a greater existence—an unseen unifying force where life, in all of its capacities; a melding of different philosophies and moral codes and, by intention or chance, an exacting irony to solipsism; yet, the meaning is not entirely lost upon the band of its namesake, as such their 5th album, “Towers Of Dark Pantheon,” has been loosed unto the world in all of its dark and enchanting transcendence.

To bear your identity plain and proud as both the apex and introduction of your material is as bold a statement as anyone can make, and yet the album begins on the track “Towers Of Dark Pantheon.” It is within these dark and twisting corridors of somber passages that we experience the disquietude that the band has wrought, an inescapable series of dread-laden progressions and descensions that occupy a solemn space. Just as a freight train, “Where Thunder Reigns,” rushes in as a flurry of notes and beats, the slow and slightly deranged vocals creates juxtaposition between the onslaught of the music and the crippling nature of the lyrics. “Old Stone In The Woods” slows down just a bit and brings in some eldritch ascensions to couple with the dark and dreary subject, although nothing flashy it serves as a great transition between the first part of the album and the last. Crafting an outro is not an easy task as it must encompass the essence of both the band and the album itself, “From Eternity To Past,” makes this attempt and arguably achieves such as the whole of the song takes you on a brief trip through the whole of the album only to land in unfamiliar and uncharted waters as the song ends on an ever odd and diverging mixture of an anthemic groove, unrelenting guitars, and fanfare.

Where ends the torrent of darkness and despair, perhaps in those antiquated bits of silence found between the tracks. Though, be wary the greatest bits of this album of course are found in the grittiest sections of the tracks, those rough and ragged choruses of string wailing over rhythm and bass resounding through the wall of sound — a curious sound and even more questionable groove, the album is a mixture of years of experience and the desire to be something unhindered. The guitars are dirty to a context where only uttering the motif Black Metal can accurately begin to describe, devoid of clean distinction and sensibility the guitar is the rhythm, lead, and guiding force all in one. Where the guitars’ reach ends the bass picks up hitting hard in the process as its wails can be heard distinctly each and every time, cutting through the sound like a jagged knife of force, yet still providing the foundation for the rest of the band. The drums are something of another world, where intricacy met abandon and pushed past into something far more menacing. Lastly, the vocals are a shrill and stark reminder of the malignity behind each track.

As it stands the album is a peculiar case, something of vast despair but of a distinct tone nonetheless; THEOSOPHY, carved for themselves an identity through their sound alone and definitely does naught to disappoint with their latest installment, “Towers Of Dark Pantheon.” Should anyone seek such melancholic tracks, they shall not be disappointed in the despair that lies therein.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Towers Of Dark Pantheon
2. Curse of Ak-Kadyn
3. Where Thunder Reigns
4. Full Moon Triumph
5. Old Stone In The Woods
6. The Sword Of Erilik
7. Even The Dead Cast Shadows
8. From Eternity To Past
Phantom – Bass and Vocals
Skinner – Drums
Egiborg – Guitars
XI – Keyboards
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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