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Therion - Gothic Kabbalah (CD)

Gothic Kabbalah
by Elina Papadoyianni at 24 December 2006, 7:29 PM

There is no doubt that there are certain bands out there that possess the number one spot in your playlists. Here is one band that there is also no doubt that they have rightfully claimed their spot in your cd-rack. They come from Sweden and for the past 15 years manage to re-invent their music orientations almost with every new release. Dear metalheads, THERION present Gothic Kabbalah.
After their previous album Lemuria/Serius B the path for their next may have been widened but at the same time more demanding. THERION give the first answer by releasing a double-cd this time. Gothic Kabbalah consists of 15 tracks the shortest of which is just under four minutes. The overall sound is not totally but carefully stripped off the previously predominant operatic parts and injected with not much but adequate heavier and straight-forward ones. One could justifiably claim that THERION have opened up to the more power side of metal.
Christofer Johnsson and Kristian Niemann have put together some of their best riffs ever and Mats Leven adds to the sound value of many tracks like The Perennial Sophia when at the same time the guest voices of Katarina Lilja and Hannah Holgersson are of the highest standards. The tracks that stand out are Gothic Kabbalah, Son Of The Staves Of Time and Close Up The Streams. They will be the first to catch your attention during the first spin, but as the listening sessions progress you will definitely admire the musical complexity in TOF - The Trinity and the folk atmosphere in Trul. However, THERION have included some tracks to remind their loyal fans of the dark/atmospheric aura that made them who they are with Wand of Abaris and Three Treasures, which introduce us to the second CD of this album.
Whether a fan or not, anyone can see that THERION have the ability to create outstanding music!

4 Star Rating

Disc 1

Gothic Kabbalah  
The Perennial Sophia  
The Wisdom And The Cage  
Son Of The Staves Of Time
Tuna 1613
Close Up The Streams

Disc 2

Three Treasures  
The Path To Arcady  
Chain Of Minerva
TOF - The Trinity  
Wand Of Abaris  
The Falling Stone      
Adulruna Rediviva
Christofer Johnsson - Guitar, Keyboards, Organs
Kristian Niemann - Lead and Rhythm guitars, Keyboards
Johan Niemann - Bass Guitar, Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Petter Karlsson - Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Solo and Choral Vocals, Percussion
Contribution by:
Mats Leven - Solo and Choral Vocals, Guitar
Snowy Shaw - Solo and Choral Vocals
Katarina Lilja - Solo and Choral Vocals
Hannah Holgersson - Solo and Choral Vocals / Soprano
Record Label: Nuclar Blast Records


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