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These Wicked Rivers – Eden Award winner

These Wicked Rivers
by William Travers at 13 July 2020, 1:27 PM

With Rock and Roll seeing somewhat of a resurgence in the mainstream tracks of life throughout the last few years here in the UK we have seen bands from the genre growing in prominence, probably the most notable being THOSE DAMN CROWS. However, here we have THESE WICKED RIVERS, I feel like I’m noticing a naming convention with these new bands….

Formed in Derby in 2014, the young four-piece band has been a regular listen on Planet Rock and Hard Rock Hell radio stations. With two EP’s to their name already we have seen the recent release of their debut full length album “Eden”. The Artwork for this release wouldn’t go amiss as the cover for a classic version of Alice in wonderland. With some trippy bold imagery of a natural scene, it would seem “Eden” is an appropriate title for the release.

Opening the album is “Tea Leaves”. A Bluegrass feeling bouncy track that is feel good and a gentle ease in to the heavier and more intense “Shine On”. Instantly the band’s influences become apparent, with a very Southern Rock sound to all the music. The guitar solo in the mid-point is utterly sublime, supported in perfect balance by drummer Dan Southall everything comes together in harmony.

With everything going on in the world there is an interesting choice of title for a song. “Floyd” seems to tell the story of a troubled man “Floyd don’t come around here no more”, now I am unsure if this was a part of the original release or was it added at a later date as an ode to George Floyd? However, it seems a powerfully charged track that I am sure will become an anthem screamed along by the fans. With off beat rhythms, bouncy vocal lines and a just a general feel to the track that you just need to get up and move around, “Money” is definitely a feel-good track, well, to be honest they all are! But what stood out to me was the unconventional off beat that just gave the track that little extra bounce.

“Count To Ten” picks the pace up slightly more, with the verses having a cleaner feel than the choruses, the track builds in pace, attitude and just general badassery up until its closing moments and we find ourselves in the gentle flow of “Ceasefire”. Far from being the energetic, fast paced Southern Rock that we have been witness to for the rest of the album. This more subdued Bluesy feel track is a testament to the musical knowledge and ability of THESE WICKED RIVERS.

Finally, catapulting to the final track “World In Chains”. Again, with a slightly subdued and calm introduction, but don’t let that fool you. The scene is simply being set before a fairly abrupt kick in and the full sound of the band that we have heard throughout is once again at the forefront. The track follows this ebbing and flowing structure throughout until it comes to an eventual and relaxing

Overall, this is a fantastic debut album. The musical knowledge demonstrated by all members of the band show that they are fully conversant in their craft and they should go far and do well. For myself, on closer inspection of their social media, I shall be watching for shows that I can get to s I can experience the music properly.

Song writing: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Tea Leaves
2. Shine On
3. Hit The Ground
4. Floyd
5. Evergreen
6. Money
7. This Train
8. Count To Ten
9. Ceasefire
10. The Garden
11.Won’t Be Broken
12. World In Chains
John Hartwell – Vocals/Guitar
Arran Day – Guitar/Vocals
Sam Williams – Bass
Dan Southall – Drums/Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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