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These Are They - Who Linger (CD)

These Are They
Who Linger
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 15 November 2009, 11:16 AM

Who are they… who linger? It seems that the US metallers will try to give the answer, as they did with their Who Manifest EP, which they released earlier this year. These guys are not new to each other, since especially Nicholson and Paul Kuhr know each other really well…

Their history goes back to NOVEMBERS DOOM first steps, when in 1995, after the release of the band's debut album Nicholson left the band (Kuhr still sings for the Death/Doom Metal act). Thirteen years later, in 2008 they thought it was about time they reunite and do something new, so they gathered some more musicians from bands like HURTLOCKER etc, and formed THESE ARE THEY.

At first I thought I had to face one more boring Death/Doom Metal project, but the quintet managed to drive away any doubts right from the start of their debut album. THESE ARE THEY play a US Death Metal meets the Swedish scene mixture with down tuned guitars, a great combination of slow and frenzy riffs and influences that may travel your mind to bands like EDGE OF SANITY, OBITUARY, BOLT THROWER and ENTOMBED! After a long and kind of melodic and epic intro, When The Voices Sound Deadly kicks in to show that these guys aren't kidding. The interesting thing about this band is that they have put a lot of work on reaching a result that involves equal doses of brutality, groove and melody (where it is necessary without overdoing it). The guitar leads may even remind you of AMON AMARTH, but THESE ARE THEY have taken care of their music so well, that the rhythm section and the heavy as fuck rhythm guitars won't let you wander outside of the Death Metal fields even for a second.

The sound is also raw, but exactly as raw as it should be, since it is also clean enough to make every detail noticeable. To tell you the truth, the sound reminded me of the works of Dan Swano. Anyway, great work for a debut album and the combination between the US and the old school Swedish Death Metal scene is just awesome! Check them out.

I don't think that the SOUNDGARDEN cover was necessary, nor it is one of the best covers I have ever heard.

3 Star Rating

When The Voices Sound Deadly
Upon The Doors Of Oblivion
In The Halls Of Waverly
Blood Vengeance
Eclipse Abysmal
The Indweller
The Midnight Hour
Resurrection In White
4th Of July (SOUNDGARDEN Cover)
Paul Kuhr - Vocals
Stephen Nicholson - Guitar
Justin Jurgevich - Guitar
Wiley Wells - Bass
Sasha Horn - Drums
Record Label: The End Records


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