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Thine Eyes Bleed - Thine Eyes Bleed (CD)

Thine Eyes Bleed
Thine Eyes Bleed
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 02 June 2008, 9:28 AM

I remember coming across THINE EYES BLEED 3 years ago when their In The Wake Of Separation album had just been released. I was never a fan of the specific kind of sound so I just passed them by and went on to find other far much more interesting things. Three years after their brand new album Thine Eyes Bleed comes to… confirm what I felt the first time that I listened to their music and make me realize why Metal has taken the down road.

The US metallers were formed 2004 and they hail from Ontario, Canada. Most of the times I come across a Canadian Metal band I have only good things to say, but it seems that THINE EYES BLEED managed to avoid to Canadian standards. Anyway, after a successful The Unholy Alliance Tour with bands like SLAYER, MASTODON, LAMB OF GOD and more the band releases its sophomore full-length effort through the US label The End Records.

I have seen many people disagreeing about the genre that the band belongs, but my opinion is that THINE EYES BLEED is nothing more than a mediocre melodic Death Metal/Metalcore band. I am damn sure that if Johnny didn't have such a famous brother (yeah, he is the brother of SLAYER's Tom Araya) this band would far from the status it holds today. The songs that you will find in Thine Eyes Bleed are nothing more than boring Metalcore tracks with nothing new or amazing to offer to you. I got really bored while listening to the album and I admit that I couldn't listen to it more than 3 times (not that it needs more listening sessions).

I may sound a bit harsh but since people have not extra money to spend I believe that Thine Eyes Bleed would NOT be a good buying option for someone that needs something extreme, yet modern or catchy. If you want Metalcore there are way better bands out there.

2 Star Rating

With Burning Breath
The Dragon
Dark White
Shallow Skin
Mota Diablo
Truth In Evil
The Mouth Of Hell
In Mortal Sin
Revert To Stone
Justin Wolfe - Vocals
Jeff Phillips - Guitar
James Reid - Guitar
Johnny Araya - Bass
Darryl Stephens - Drums
Record Label: The End Records


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