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Think of a New Kind - Ideals Will Remain Award winner

Think of a New Kind
Ideals Will Remain
by Neil Cook at 13 April 2020, 4:59 PM

If you can hear my voice, read my words, then stay safe and strong. Since The Fall, The Entropy are still in control and their Putrids patrol the streets.  In Paris T.A.N.K continue the good fight to bring about “The Last Days Of Deception” by using their brand of Mellow Death Metal to spread the word of “The Pledge” and to defy The Entropy by using their music to express freewill and creativity, to help the “Survivance” find and secure the “EVE”, the legendary artifact, which it is hoped will being about the end of the Entropy.  Remember what “The Essence” tells us, Thoughts are never killed – Ideals Will Remain.

If you haven’t guessed Ideals Will Remain is a concept album, no I think it is fairer to say multi-media project, with music, video and a comic book as part of the of the overall presentation.  An ambitious project with the French band blending a modern Thrash sound with a melodic take of Scandinavian Death Metal, creating their own distinctive noise.  They deliver an interesting and engaging album, full of melody and power, grunts and growls, soaring guitars and power in abundance.

From opening track “Anima”, through to the last “The Essence”, the transition from songs to songs is marked by this piercing electronic sound.  I like to believe this to be the sound of “EVE” embedded in the tracks of this album.  No track has any flab, it delivers it part of the story and moves on. The big question is does it deliver on the concept?  I think yes it does.  The supporting material really helps set out the vision and assists the storytelling.

Technically the band deliver the challenging blend of ultra modern thrash, merging it with the guttural death growl of the vocals of the Scandi-Death scene.  The production of the album is spot on, the sound and balance are great.  This could so easily turned to sludge, but it doesn’t. You can get stuck into the “concept”, but like all such pieces you can take any piece and enjoy it for its own merits, which is the mark of a well executed concept album.

The scary thing is, whilst we all sit somewhere in lock-down, is The Fall happening now? People beware the Entropy, stay safe apart, but stay together in our minds and our hearts.  Let THINK OF A NEW KIND show us the way of “The Essence”.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

2. Last Days Of Deception
3. The Pledge
4. Shadow Hill
5. The Phantom
6. EVE
7. Survivance
8. Dead End’s Night
9. Pyro Ent
10.The Essence
Raf Pener - Vocals
Nils Courbaron - Guitar
Thomas Moreau - Guitar
Olivier d’Aries’ - Bass
Clement Rouxel - Drums
Record Label: Verycords


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