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This Haven - Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm (CD)

This Haven
Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 10 December 2008, 12:32 PM

I have been a fan of THIS HAVEN since day one. There is something quite unique about the way they combine all their different influences, to come up with something fresh yet insanely heavy and catchy. With epic tracks like 'The Fallen' and monstrous beasts like 'Hero Of Your Hell' or 'I Will Deceive' THIS HAVEN can really break into the major league of Metal!! This album has been quite the journey for all of us. But for me it was worth every second.
(Dan Swano - Mix engineer)

When my Death Metal hero speaks for a band with words like these I just have to trust him. This guy just can't be wrong. And I guess that after having listened to Today A Whisper, Tomorrow A Storm many times I can say that Swano was right about these Swedish guys. Their debut album is quite a blast and the Dutch Vic Records quite smart to 'kidnap' them.

THIS HAVEN is a modern Progressive Metal band with some groove oriented rhythms, and not a Progressive/Stoner band as the promo copy says. The guitars are feeding your ears with some more than clever riffs, while the rhythm section completes the whole scene perfectly being precise as a Swiss clock. The vocals are pretty good, but Karlsson doesn't have something unique in his voice that can excite me. There were times they kind of reminded me of MERCENARY, as well as a bit MNEMIC (musically of course, since THIS HAVEN feature only clean vocals). Their sharp guitars and groove definitely challenge you to bang your head and I guess that this is only the beginning.

Don't get too excited, I am not talking about the album of the year, but I present you a more than just decent album that is definitely way better than many shitty releases out there. Heaviness, groove, clever compositions and kick ass groove are stuff you need in a modern Metal album, and THIS HAVEN took care of giving what you need.

3 Star Rating

It's The End
I Will Deceive
Welcome To Delirium
The Fallen
Hero Of Your Hell
Apocalyptical Anthem: I. B.C., II. A.D.
And The Devil In Me Smiles
Patrik Karlsson - Vocals, Guitar
Tobias Jacobsson - Guitar
Johan Berglund - Bass
Nicklas Keijser - Drums & Percussion
Record Label: Vic Records


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