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This Is Hell - Misfortunes (CD)

This Is Hell
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 08 April 2008, 11:33 AM

This review will definitely be my new time record. I am more than sure that it will be written in about 5 minutes. Don't ask me the reason why. If you listen to Misfortunes you will definitely have the same feelings I had.

The promo says stuff about Hardcore warriors and things that I describe as pure bullshit. If THIS IS HELL is a Hardcore act, I am definitely the new Rock star! I do not care when this band was formed, neither about how many albums they have released.

I have been bored of listening to bands with stupid melodies, vocals that are not even close to the typical Hardcore standards and relentless, yet meaningless compositions that have really nothing to offer to the Metal/Hardcore audience. What if they have toured with bands like COMEBACK KID, GLASSJAW, LOST PROPHETS (!?) and IT DIES TODAY. These guys are not even a mediocre Metalcore band!

I am truly sorry but I can't spend my time on a release with not even mediocre tracks and vocals that are far from being characterized as nice. Only the production is good in this album. I can't even imagine how it would sound with a shitty sound!


1 Star Rating

In Shambles
Realization: Remorse
Without Closure
Fearless Vampires
You Are The Antithesis
End Of An Era
Last Days Campaign
Cement Shoes (Bonus Track)
Travis Reilly - Vocals
Rick Jiminez - Guitar
Chris Reynolds - Guitar
Johnny Moore - Bass
Dan Bourke - Drums
Record Label: Trustkill Records


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