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Tholus - Constant (CD)

by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 05 August 2007, 2:35 PM

I would like to make some things clear first. Dave Murray is NOT the well-known guitarist that plays in IRON MAIDEN. Even though the album's title is written in a totally TOOL-like way, this band has nothing to do with TOOL musically. And one last thing, where have all the good Progressive Death Metal bands gone?

THOLUS is a technical Death Metal that hails from California, USA. The album was originally released by Bruhtal Shock Music, which belongs to the band's mastermind Dave Murray. Anyway, after listening to the album several times, it seems that all the information I have given you are worthless.

Constant is an album that can be only described as boring to death! These guys try to sound like ATHEIST and CYNIC, but they end up creating pointless compositions that are based on meaningless technique. Being progressive doesn't mean you have to bust our balls and make us fall asleep on the keyboard! The production is really good and the vocals are brutal enough to make me like at least one thing in this album, but it just doesn't seem to be next to the word interesting. If you want some good technical and brutal stuff, I suggest you check out my review on SADIST's last album.

Regarding THOLUS, they need to work more on creating something that will sound a bit more natural. Technique is good, but only when we know how to use it. A friendly advice, keep the brutality and reduce the technical parts (or just make them less boring).

2 Star Rating

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Aaron Ortiz - Vocals
Wally Scharrod - Guitar
Rob Pumpelly - Guitar
John MacMurphy - Bass
Dave Murray - Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Gorego Records


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