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Thor - Hammer Of Justice

Hammer Of Justice
by Craig Rider at 27 June 2019, 3:30 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: THOR; signed via DeadLine Music, hailing from Canadian grounds - performing Heavy/Power Metal/Hard Rock, on their 22nd album entitled: "Hammer Of Justice" (released April 26th, 2019).

Since formation in 1973; the band in question have 22 albums in their discography so far, having been acquainted with THOR – I am indeed interested on listening to, and reviewing this one. 11 tracks ranging at around 40:44; "Hammer Of Justice" arranges an intricately designed formula of hardened amalgamations including Heavy/Power Metal/Hard Rock developments. "Beginning Of The End" begins the record; stomping with stampeding thumps, vehement versatility that ultilizes rowdy ramifications with uniquely organic substance. Conveying boistrously bouncy hooks, hasty flamboyancy and an adroit aesthetic of concrete gnarliness - generating a thick yet meaty sound production of profusely robust precision. Demonstrating catchy cheesiness, and an energetic fuel of hymns that will make you want to transform - viking style!

Consisting of Thor himself on vocals; the muscular frontman distributes a clean yet rawly rough skill of diligently high-pitched pipes, screaming with vengeful stability. "Warp 5000" establishes complexly dextrous creativity from lead guitarist John Leibel; delivering riveting riffs and sonically seamless solos that thunder with blistering barrages of frenzied harmonies, chugging and galloping into a consistently dynamic flair of frolicking distinctions. "Return Of The Thunderhawk" injects infectiously groovy fabrications from audible bassist Ted Jedlicki; battering his axe with pursuits of meticulous manifestations, pummelling virtuosity and crunchy characteristics – forging a dosage of blends in which varies with quintessential quakes & amplified adrenaline…converging constructively distinguished concepts with ripping shreds & skill.

"Victory" charges gritty attributes; captivating snappiness, & solid slabs of rapidly swift nimbleness from guitarist Matt McNallie. Contrasting excelling execution; fierce deadliness, soaring thunder & speedy quirks that showcase relentlessly roaring melodies with mellifluous silver linings – fusing a borderline foundation of punchline perservence & rambunctious results. "As The Dragon Flies" embellishes on experimental elements; implementing instrumental jumpiness, juxtaposed with subtle firepower & expertise. My only gripe is perhaps the vocals; they feel enforced a bit too strongly, which while not a bad thing… only it may take some getting used to…a "growing on me" process. Hammering drummer Tom Croxton also articulates in an furociously battering dimension of formulaic euphonics & crushing slams.

"It's Our Right" adminsters fluidly polished sound production prominence; pulsing with old-school traditions of standard sub-genre transistions. (heavily reminding me of new-school ROSS THE BOSS' song "We Got The Right"). "Beyond The Wall" examines frantic imagination; oozing with persevering tempos, salubrious soundscapes & prestigious songwriting patterns that flow into a battle-ready subjugation of triumphant momentum. "Destroyinator" supplies psychedelic pandemonium; portraying persistent techniques, wildly rushing sharpness & volatile musicianship that thumps with stomping panache. The titular track revolves around a striking remarkability of ambtiously enthusiastic finesse; enjoyably entertaining craftsmanship, & exuberant fulfillments… killer kicks, mixed with linear orchestrations while simple yes they still pack a punch.

"Wotan" overarch's with sophisticating potential; twisted with unique material that transforms into an evolved craze, fusing an almost Proggy ritual to it - integrating atmospheric Space Rock that is indeed refreshingly talented. Overall concluding "Hammer Of Justice" with the finale track: "The End"; which opens with a thick, yet monstrously weighty bass cut – shifting  towards a prompt punk portion, with strong rhythms and a constructively distinguished edge of hardcore bashing around in the backdrop bit. Bottom line; I am compelled to say that while the vocals will hopefully "grow" on me, THOR excelled all original expectations and I enjoyed an entertaining piece of musicality - as they certainly outdone themselves here, albeit a glorified experience… 22 records on; I think the band are certified enough as rocking veterans. Definitely worth checking out!

Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Originality: 7
Sound Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Beginning of the End
2. Warp 5000
3. Return of the Thunderhawk
4. Victory
5. As the Dragon Flies
6. It's our Right
7. Beyond the Wall
8. Destroyinator
9. Hammer of Justice
10. Wotan
11. The End
Thor - Vocals
Ted Jedlicki - Bass
Tom Croxton - Drums
Matt McNallie - Guitars
John Leibel - Guitars (Lead)
Record Label: Cleopatra Records/DeadLine Music


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