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Thor - Thunderstryke

by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 21 January 2013, 3:20 PM

For well over 30 years, Jon Mikl Thor - The Vancouver King Of Muscle Rock – has been creating his own unique triumphant brand of the devastation of emasculation. I am familiar with a few of his tales from the Equinox, and I have always enjoyed them in stride; especially, when he did the OTT “Rock 'N Roll Nightmare” movie in the mid-80s, showcasing his deplorable, yet furtive acting chops. However like Sam Jones of “Flash Gordon” fame, who made a comeback in Seth MacFarlane's “TED”, one has to wonder if this megaton man is still really raising hell.

Ladies and gentlemen are you ready to break through the gladiator's thoracic cavity of tolerance, are you ready to let the blood run red, again as a true member of the Thor - Core? Then this rabid Mad Dog is ready hammer the anvil and to pump you up! So up the irons that utterly fly!

After the insane Vanir vanguard of “Collider” an intro for either the baked or baroque, “Der Thunderstryker” hits you with a heavy edge, that transitions nicely into the commercially upbeat“Hey You”, which has a real 60s flavor. “Metal Warriors” is a rousing anthem, but it sure reminds me of “I'm Eighteen”, by ALICE COOPER. The limitations of life do not stop there, as “Flight To The Stars / “Warriors Of The Universe” has the same bass line, choral approach, and rhythm of “Another Brick In The Wall” by PINK FLOYD. Not surprisingly, the guitar riffs of “Interception” borrow heavily from PRIEST's (and Joan Baez') “Diamond And Rust”.

Other songs like “We Came Here” or“That Girl is Poison” maintain thatolder 70s Glam feel like T. REXX, ZIGGY STARDUST, and even THE SWEET. I have to wonder if THOR is using more than just steroids, because with “High Times” he celebrates the rolling of the joint and flying high again. The IRON BUTTERFLY and VANILLA FUDGE inspired “Gladiator's Arena” is beyond epicene, it is just plain obscene!

The Who's “Acid Queen” meets “Meaty, Big, And Bouncy” are bubbling with “Now Comes The Storm” and while “We Came Here” completes the STEPPENWOLF magic carpet ride, after hearing this album nine times, I feel like I should be searching for the special “Film” which the cast of “That '70s Show” scores from Leo.

Basically, there is nothing on here that makes you want to pump your fist in the air, or engage in a solid full-body work out, but if you a looking for a good, laugh, and a cosmic journey into the mind of the blonde Thunderhawk himself, then come take the chariot ride across the sky and prepare for the “Thunderstrke”.

2 Star Rating

1. Collider
2. Der Thunderstryker
3. Hey With You
4. Metal Warriors
5. High Times
6. Rock 'N Roll (LED ZEPPELIN Cover)
7. Flight to the Stars / Warriors of the Universe
8. Megaton Man
9. Gladiator's Arena
10. Lady
11. That Girl is Poison
12. Interception
13. Across the Sky
14. Now Comes the Storm
15. We Came Here
16. Ceremony of the Gods
Jon Mikl Thor – Vocals
Ani Kyd – Guitars, Vocals
Mike O. – Guitars
Fang – Bass
GunThar – Drums
Record Label: Rock Saviour Records


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