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Thorgerd - Cold Empire Of Souls Award winner

Cold Empire Of Souls
by Mike Coyle at 08 May 2015, 4:23 PM

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing an album that shows strength and promise in all aspects of its extremity and intensity, this is the bands first full-length record which shows that there is a lot you can take in with this release. This is THORGERD with "Cold Empire Of Souls".

"Cold Empire Of Souls": From the very start the track holds a very old school vibe of sounds that sounds as if they have been home recorded for the quality that they give as well as the structure to which the song has been built on which gives the listener that first era of Black Metal blast to the face of rough and raw power and ideas. I feel that with this song you get a very early DARKTHRONE meets new age ideas kind of thing going on here which is awesome to say and to listen to.

"Shadow of Destiny": The start of this song almost reminds me of the song "Burning Shadows of Silence" by EMPEROR because of that low pitch sound you get when starting the track off, but at the same time you still get that home made sound which seals the deal for me as it shows that these guys have been able to keep the song solid to the point and really get it done the way you would expect a classic Black Metal band to sound like and feel like if that makes any sense, but even still it is a pretty solid piece of music with some raw and sharp areas to look out for, in the best sense I mean of course ladies and gentlemen.

"The Night of October": Fast and melodic is what I can say for this song as of far, it really takes a more melodic feel is what I am trying to say as with the first two songs they were pretty straight forward and had that old era blast to the ears which makes any Black Metal fan go mental for, but it feels with this track that the guys in THORGERD are playing to the inspirations of the first and second wave and mixing them together into their own sound and structure of tune, it is pretty awesome to see when a band can pull this off and I really feel these guys are doing just that and maybe even more.

"The Fiery Eye":  With this song it comes straight from the soul as vocalist Magus comes into a whole vortex of intense and insane vocal lines to open and continue on with as the band go deeper into their roots with old and new ideas brought together into a solid and insane mixture of blasts and bass lines to which solidify the bands sound and soul as a Black Metal band that is continuing the inspirations that they seem to have gathered for this first release of violent and massive tunes, and this song in its whole shows that fully.

From what we have seen so far the band have truly shown that the art of extreme Black Metal is still alive and well with new ideas and classic entrails still lingering on in the Black Wood, so really ladies and gentlemen this is a record that really takes it hard and I would very much say for people to check them out and see for yourselves.

4 Star Rating

1. Cold empire of souls
2. Shadow of Destiny
3. The night of October
4. The fiery Eye
5. Pathes of the Cursed Forest
6. Mistress of Evil
7. Wind of Evil and Eternal Fullmdon
8. Thundra
Grav – Drums
Macabre – Guitars,Bass
Magus – Vocals
Record Label: Hod Productions / Black Tears Records


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