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Thorium - Danmark Award winner

by Craig Rider at 05 June 2022, 3:51 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: THORIUM; signed via Emanzipation Productions, performing Heavy Metal - on their 4th full-length album entitled: “Danmark” (released April 29th, 2022). Since formation in 1997; the quintet in question have a split entitled: “Checkmate #4” (released December 2003), an demo entitled: “Promo 2005” (released September 2005) and 4 full-length studio albums entitled: “Ocean Of Blasphemy” (released May 2nd, 2000), “Unleashing The Demons” (released in 2002), “Feral Creation” (released February 1st, 2008), “Blasphemy Awakes” (released June 1st, 2008) and there here 4th record offering 10 tracks that range around 38:27 entitled: “Danmark” of which I am introduced to. THORIUM arranges an intricately designed formula on some hard-hitting Death Metal developments.

Opening up with this rampantly rompy synergy of sturdy thuds & tight punchline smears of scouring snares, “War Is Coming” belts a clobbering foundation in a borderline element in blistering adrenaline on rumbling reverberation amongst a sonically seamless slab of solid adrenaline. Boisterously bouncy calamity distills a chiseling flair on primitively raw gnarliness, as distorted pandemonium revels with riveting soars & weighty malice. Bruising a bludgeoning fabrication of this barraged frenzy in monolithic tempo, slaying grinds and bestial brutality - a hefty dose on some snarly remedy of concretely gritty yet stridently sweeping swerves which swell with symbolic virtuosity while manifesting with twinning guitar crescendo impact from duo shredders Jens Peter Storm & Jose Cruz. “A Crown To Obscurity” vibrantly surges with potent savagery, ramifying a dexterously dynamic tremble on momentous maelstrom tactics amongst a rapidly swift strike that pursuits with ripping thickness to boot.

A gnarly but bombastic intensity in gnarly and diabolical furore distorts with radically wicked tendencies on thrilling pierces of profusely robust substance while organic perseverance persists with thunderous mobility, “Majesty” conjures an intriguing amount of strong stability with rambunctiously piledriving injections in infectiously venomous volatility from audible bassist Jesper Nielsen who thumps his axe with stampeding rampancy, while stompy slams from hammering drummer Daniel Preisler Larsen smacks the set with steely yet tremoring precision. A catchy but deadly conundrum in “Semen Of The Devil” bombs with killer laceration and frolicking firepower expertise, as galloping furocity flamboyantly pummels speakers with beatdown finesse, drum cymbal descegration amongst a groovy execution in chugging malice that sulfurously impulses eardrums with some monsterously meaty blasphemy for all to unleash a berserking rage to break chairs over other chairs to in no time.

MHA on vocals roars with throaty raspiness & gruesomely deathly gutturals, bellowing and barking like a growling madman of aggressive grumbles that showcase bleeding disgust with salubrious impact. “My Decay” downstroys with speedy & vicious viscerality, ruthlessly merging snappy malevolence while nimble bombing artillery - distinctively overarching with wrathful agility. An incredibly distinguished but atmospheric instrumental intrude with the tremolo towering of “The Silent Suffering” subjugates you with thick but listenable filth, among grimy sludginess that revocates souls with rollicking impact, extremely notable within “Defiance” & “Reign The Abyss”. Both experiment with strong dimensions in hybrid but spectral waves of contorted fundamentals in flexible heat that WILL get heads banging and bodies craving for the utmost need of destroying everything in sight, seeing red… you will want to systematically smother your surroundings with fire and extreme aggression tenfold.

This record is incredibly energetic, an amplified mass of onslaughts and calmour will shroud through you with malignant resolve. The mighty penultimate track “Nine Lives” does nothing more than wallop you with vigorous rigor, sweltering licks and grandiose grandeurs of sweltering bolts that will baton bones with pulverizing sickness. Until the overall concluding banger covering DOMINUS’ cover entitled: “Into The Gods” virulently loathes abhorrently with revolting repugnance which crafts an oozing putrefaction which honestly, I can’t help but praise this record with supreme justice - serving this subgenre with obscene domination and racerous mayhem that’s so motoring while full of fulfilling but perpetual uproar - that you will most surely and certainly want more until your bones disintegrate totally.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that I feel “Danmark” is one of those records that you can enjoy massively with replayable spins while admiring its masterclass work of bloodthirsty and infernal rage. Worthy of thrashing & rocking to should you fancy a healthy dose of some rough but animalistic severity that makes this a discovery of important clarity that most surely gets blood pumping with mandatory vivacity, do check it out!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. War Is Coming
2. A Crown To Obscurity
3. Majesty
4. Semen Of The Devil
5. My Decay
6. The Silent Suffering
7. Defiance
8. Reign The Abyss
9. Nine Live
10. Into The Gods (Dominus Cover)
Jens Peter Storm - Guitars
MHA - Vocals
Jesper Nielsen - Bass
Daniel Preisler Larsen - Drums
Jose Cruz - Guitars
Record Label: Emanzipation Productions


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