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Thormesis - Freier Willie Freier Geist Award winner

Freier Willie Freier Geist
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 28 May 2015, 1:44 AM

THORMESIS is a Pagan Black Metal Band based out of Bavaria, Germany. Formed in 2006, the band has previously released three studio albums. “Freier Willie Freier Geist” is the bands fourth, and contains eight tracks. “Intro” is a short and relatively quiet opening track, setting a somber mood for what is to come. In the distance, a slow heartbeat makes its presence known, along with some eerie strings that build quickly, segueing into the title track, “Freier Willie Freier Geist.” It has a fast pace and more traditional sound structure for what most people conjure up when the Black Metal genre is mentioned. The vocally are traditionally high pitched screams but the chord progressions are just brilliant. You get much more of a sense of music here but it does not defer the usual elements that makes Black Metal so pleasingly unique. The twin guitar harmonies even hint at a NWOBHM influence. The acoustic led ending stanzas complete with clean vocals really add some texture and depth to this song. “Nosce Te Ipsum” has another hastened entrance that features some opening blast beat percussion before settling into a slower rhythm of anger and depression. A soft acoustic interlude about halfway through ties together a massive crescendo that follows, just swollen with pure emotion.

“Weltenschrei” has a groovy rhythm that moves along like a traditional folk song gone evil. Suddenly, the minstrels get red eyes and begin to spontaneously combust, to the surprised delight of the crowd. We don’t often get to talk about melody in this genre, but THORMESIS knows exactly when and where to use it, and the acoustic passage in this song is no exception. There are some really nice curve balls here to as well in terms of dynamic changes in riff, meter and even mood. “Mein Letzes Leid” is the longest song on the album, at just under eight minutes. It has perhaps a little more of the old school traditional Black Metal feeling with without that massive “wall of sound” always present. Instead, it breathes freely and with a lot of punch and raw emotion. The grand entrance of “Luctus Nomus” goes full melody, almost regal sounding with the chords done in major keys. The progressions remind me of Doom/Death music like the mighty INSOMNIUM. Death and clean vocals unite towards the end with all of the evil and darkness of reciting a summoning spell. “Trostlos” enters cautiously, like a coiled snake ready to strike. The ever-present guitar work really carries this track to new heights. The drum and acoustic filled interlude makes a statement of solidarity and confidence, while the closing guitar solo absolutely fills you with wonder. Closing the album is the track “Wenn Der Schmerz Dich Lobt.” This track has a bit of a thicker and more sonorous approach on the album, rounded out with some riff and meter changes, and surprisingly melodic chorus. This isn’t your father’s Black Metal folks, but rather a new and creative standard in the genre.

Like most genres, following only traditional methods ensures that you are happy not to explore, make your own path through the dark forest, and never be that breakout band. THORMESIS is making sure this doesn’t happen to them and for fans of this genre, this is an album that you really must hear. The sheer diversity and originality displayed here, combined with impeccable musicianship is impressive.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Freier Willie Freier Geist
3. Nosce Te Ipsum
4. Weltenschrei
5. Mein Letztes Leid
6. Luctus Nomus
7. Trostlos
8. Wenn Der Schmerz Dich Iobt
Travos – Vocals & Guitars
Velsir – Vocals & Guitars
Berucas – Bass
O.D. – Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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