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Thorn - Moonlight Terror (Reissue)

Moonlight Terror (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 26 November 2017, 12:12 AM

The lost and forgotten have always been an inspiration rather than just a shot off memory. Pretty simple to explain actually. Similar to any decade, the 80s had these small time wandering bands that never made it, obliterated without a trace until the right label comes in to pay them respects, even for a demo that never saw its way out of the recording studio. Revamped by the Portuguese based Lost Realm Records, the Texan THORN, got their demo “Moonlight Terror”, issued on a compact disc for the first time after being a mere cassette, that was noticed by the local scene back in 1987. Quite a charming time machine made album I’d say, especially since this release escalated a rather rare live performance out of the band’s 2014 short reunion gig that took place in their home turf.  A fine way to commemorate old efforts.

I was pretty lost with the term Texan Metal, as suggested by the short bios I found regarding the band. Oh well, there is Bay Area Metal and New York Metal, so who am I to cancel out another state typed Metal. Anyway, I found rather references to the bigger players in the overall US Metal scene of the 80s such as early SAVATAGE / MALICE / Prichard's era ARMORED SAINT. Between the lines and sounds, I could also sense a slight Blues generated vibe that paved its road within the riffing, yet it didn’t end there. Crossing swords with the old school US Metal established front, THORN took a deep breath of IRON MAIDEN, especially the early 80s period, a small, yet golden, piece of charged up and calculated songwriting that presented a fine measure of class.

In overall, THORN stood firm when it came down to writing songs that equally hard to the core of Traditional Metal, going sometimes beyond the heaviness that rattled their scene, but also impressively epic in their own way. The album’s self-titled, “Moonlight Terror”, the band’s prime hit, made a swift turn back to the boundary between the early to mid 80s, defining its mark with sonic vocals, conveying an emotive, one could render it as dramatic, execution, alongside a leather fisted vintage Metal in command. “Mindless Bodies” slided in with NWOBHM approach of the early 80s, made me listen to IRON MAIDEN of the DI'anno era with amazement, such terrific abilities showing their thunder. “Fools Gold” is a storytelling time, and not in front of a bonfire. Identical to various of bands of the time that aimed on being semi-historians. THORN made an adequate effort on their Metallic exploration through time. I can also recommend on “Street Fighter” and “Injun Joe”

I have no idea of the sob story of these guys, and why their journey was cut in the early 90s, one thing for certain though, is that they had a talent that could have gone ways. True Metal or not, this band should be investigated.

Purchase Link: Lost Realm Records

4 Star Rating

1. Moonlight Terror
2. Injun Joe
3. Fools Gold
4. J.T. Ripper
5. Street Fighter
6. Mindless Bodies
7. Attack
8. Moonlight Terror (Live)
9. J.T. Ripper (Live)
10. Street Fighter (Live)
Kevin Dell Greer - Vocals
Marc Wiethorn - Guitars
Randy Quick - Guitars
Kephen Hanks - Bass
Jack Miller - Drums
Record Label: Lost Realm Records


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