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Thorn.Eleven - Thorn.Eleven (CD)

by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 11 June 2001, 9:28 PM

What do you get when you mix Alternative Rock together with a slight touch of Heavy? Thorn Eleven is what you get and nope, these guys are not Nu Metal.

They're something like a crossbreed of Tool (when it comes to the vocals part) and Heavy guitars. These guys are pretty aware of what they're playing in comparison to Nu Metal (suckers) bands. So don't go comparing them to that shitty kind of commercial music.

This is their debut album (correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't get any info on this band) and it's packed with 11 really nice songs and a Video Track.

As I already mentioned, the vocals will indeed remind you of an Alternative band like Tool or Red Hot Chilli Peppers (at times) but the guitars are mostly Heavy tuned and make this band differ somehow in my ears from common bands that try something different. The rhythm in most of the songs reminds me a bit of Nevermore but I'm glad that doesn't happen all the time. They also become Hardcore at times (not that often). Oh for a second or two I thought the vocals also reminded me of James Hetfield (uhh…is this a good thing to notice or is it bad? hehe)

I pretty much enjoyed listening to tracks like 'Sick', 'Push Me' (this song kicks ass), 'Permanent State Of Mind', 'Negative Karma'…well almost half the album makes me wanna listen to it!

So if you're considering spending some money on something NEW and Interesting, Thorn Eleven will surely meet up to your expectations! Especially if you're a Metal Head with a slight admiration for Alternative Rock stuff (like me!).

3 Star Rating

Push Me
Fine Alone
Permanent State Of Mind
Negative Karma
Hate This Love
Come Creeping
Simple Things
For Anything
Simple Things (CD Xtra Video Track)
Record Label: SPV


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