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Thornhill – The Dark Pool Award winner

The Dark Pool
by Brad Pfundheller at 17 December 2019, 9:41 PM

Melbourne, Australia’s very own THORNHILL are here with their release of “The Dark Pool” via UNFD. This is the band’s first full length record following the release of 2018’s EP “Butterfly”. The five-piece Metalcore band has been busy tearing through the Metal scene in Australia ever since the release of their debut EP, “13” back in 2016.

The first song on the record is “Views From The Sun” and it begins with a slow buildup of an intro then it gets right into a groovy beat. Jacob Charlton enters with the clean style vocals at about a minute in and changes up the vocal style throughout parts of the track. The second song is “Nurture” and it begins with a memorable guitar riff that will catch your attention quickly. “The Haze” begins on the heavy side of things then slows down to a nice ambient guitar sound in the back behind the melodic clean vocals. “Red Summer” begins with a slow build up kind of how the first song did. Only this time it doesn’t push you into the hard hitting sound from the instruments, it pushes you to a more of an alternative side.

“All The Light We Don’t See” begins with some really calming guitar sounds and some delay. The drums enter but it’s not too much, it fits in with the riffs perfectly. Then Jacob Charlton’s vocals enter and that is just the icing on the cake, it has a really good relaxing vibe from the entire song. “Lily & The Moon” begins the opposite of what that song title sounds like. It begins with really punchy riffs then slows down while still keeping the momentum through the verse. The final song on the record is “Where We Go When We Die” and it begins heavy but slows down here and there then brings you right back into it, a really well put together song and a great ending to the album.

Overall, I have to say that THORNHILL have successfully followed up “Butterfly” with this release. The album was full of punchy guitar riffs, amazing vocals, and good solid drumming. It’s hard to critique them because I found little to nothing negative about it. If you haven’t heard “The Dark Pool” yet, go out and listen to it. I promise you won’t be disappointed and I can’t wait to see what THORNHILL comes out with next.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Views From The Sun
2. Nurture
3. The Haze
4. Red Summer
5. In My Skin
6. All The Light We Don’t See
7. Lily & The Moon
8. Coven
9. Human
10. Netherplace
11. Where We Go When We Die
Jacob Charlton – Vocals
Ethan McCann – Guitar
Matt Van Duppen – Guitar
Ben Maida – Drums
Nick Sjogren – Bass
Record Label: UNFD


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