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Thornium - Fides Luciferius

Fides Luciferius
by Harry Papadopoulos at 10 July 2010, 9:07 AM

One expression says “time is money”. Well, in my case time is precious since I have many things to do and write about. THORNIUM are both an old band and a “new” one at the same time. Founded back in 1993, they released their debut album in 1995 and then they were on hold until 2007 when they reactivated. “Fides Luciferius” is the second album after Thyph (since this is his project I guess) got them out of the ice.

Let us just start with what this band is playing. Well, it is not difficult to understand that they are into Black Metal, the modern side of Black Metal, with clear production and with some solos that are closer to Heavy Metal. Someone may say that they are trying to play something like DARK FUNERAL, MARDUK or late EMPEROR did, but there is a problem right here. THORNIUM are so predictable that you will find yourself trying to find something from the pre-mentioned bands to listen. There are some parts, especially in the rhythm section and the rhythm guitars, that give you the impretion they were written in a few minutes. They are one or two good ideas, like some acoustic parts or the marching rhythm at the start of “I Am Perfection” but I couldn’t find anything else to make me listen this album for a second time.

Overall “Fides Luciferius” is an album with good production, a few ideas that doesn’t make the difference during those ten songs and lack of “evilness” and aggressiveness. Times are difficult so, in my humble opinion, there are much better releases out there in modern Black Metal to give your money to.

P.S.: I lost count on how many times the band used the word “manifest” in their lyrics…

1 Star Rating

  1. Mother Of Abominations
  2. Archetype Of Death
  3. Son Of The Dragon
  4. Qliphothic Raptures
  5. Pacta Conventa Daemoniorum
  6. Fides Luciferius
  7. The Void Of Choronzon
  8. I Am Perfection
  9. Virgin Destroyer Redeemer
  10. I Am A God
Thyph (Thypheus) - Vocals, Bass
Eligor - Guitar
Ulverheim - Guitar
Michael Aberg - Guitar Solos
(Drums were played by Naberus and Thyph)
Record Label: Soulseller Records


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