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Thos Ælla - Sempiternal Mobocracies

Thos Ælla
Sempiternal Mobocracies
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 15 April 2022, 6:35 AM

Yet another presskit without any bio information…from their Bandcamp page, “THOS AELLA is the aural manifestation of meditated abnegation and introspection, which can bring oneself to a higher place within our perceived reality.” The new album here contains ten tracks. “Gazing into the Eyes of Faithless Servants” opens the album. It begins with soft acoustical guitars and the sound of a light rain in the background. I daresay that it features hopeful tones as well. “Transcending Chronology Towards an Inexorable Future” opens with a raucous riff and deadly harsh vocals. The vocals scream Black Metal but the music is more of a combination of a few Extreme genres.

“In Vein, The Oceans' Black” begins with a solemn riff and some smoking leads. It quickly transitions to a chaotic Black Metal sound. The guitar work is fairly complex here, with the riff darting in and out of passages with precision. “Backwards Afterbirth Flows unto Dreaming Temples” opens with clean tones that are melancholic and pleasing. The typical Black Metal blueprint begins to flow from there. Those effects in the guitars are really cool. “This Firestorm of Retribution” begins with a Thrashy 80’s riff that segues into more fancy guitar work. So far, the band is presenting a varied landscape on the album.

“By The Night's Embrace Eternal” reverts back to a more traditional Black Metal sound, though the guitar work is both free and experimental in nature. Two things that are beginning to weigh on me however is the constant hum from the galloping drum work and the screechy nature of the vocals. “Bloodlust Inamorata” opens with the swing of bass guitar notes and a drum cadence that thumps. Glittering harmonic leads come in with the main riff. From there, the sound is mostly controlled chaos, with a fantastic guitar solo.

“Winds of Pestilence Carry The Dust of Angelic Bones” begins with a darker Black Metal sound mixed with elements of NWOBHM sounds. The raging pandemonium that comes after carries a stiff but flexible sound from there. Derrick is quite good at this diverse sound. “Deep Within the Hexevoid, For Seven Aeons Slept” opens with another traditional Black Metal blueprint again with some fanciful riffage. The vocals go deeper here as well as high into the clouds. The bells at the end are creepy. “Conjured to Conquer (We Drink from the Chalice of Triumph)” closes the album. This song is really unlike any others on the album. The clean vocals mix in with the heavy riffs in an intriguing way, and solemn tones mix with a form of pure energy.

This album is as odd as the song titles. My biggest challenge was coming up with exactly what genre it represents. Part Black Metal, part Death Metal, and part Classic Metal, I think the album suffers from a core identity. On the other hand, that is exactly what makes it good. The diversity presented keeps the album more interesting. Overall, a good release.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Gazing into the Eyes of Faithless Servants
2. Transcending Chronology Towards an Inexorable Future
3. In Vein, The Oceans' Black
4. Backwards Afterbirth Flows unto Dreaming Temples
5. This Firestorm of Retribution
6. By The Night's Embrace Eternal
7. Bloodlust Inamorata
8. Winds of Pestilence Carry The Dust of Angelic Bones
9. Deep Within the Hexevoid, For Seven Aeons Slept
10. Conjured to Conquer (We Drink from the Chalice of Triumph)
Derrick “Ghoul” Goulding – All Music
Record Label: I,Voighanger Records


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