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Those Damn Crows - Murder and the Motive

Those Damn Crows
Murder and the Motive
by Miky Ruta at 22 January 2017, 11:38 PM

THOSE DAMN CROWS is a new five-piece band from Bridgend, Wales, hometown of BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE (whose band’s drummer ‘Moose’ Thomas is the brother of guitarist Ian). I am afraid, I am guessing that the brother gave a big helping hand to his sibling, as truly I can’t see a reason on why THOSE DAMN CROWS would have much appeal or several good reviews. The sound is an early 2000 Hard Rock/New Metal style, with no innovation whatsoever. The vocalist to me is very average, as the whole sound composition. Production though is top notch.

The first five songs have nothing noticeable, or interesting so let’s simply skip them. We have a bit of an improvement after a weak start luckily.
“Blink Of An Eye”, classic ballad sixth song of the album is the first enjoyable tune of this record. Still doesn’t produce anything new it’s just a sing-a-long tune that you might put on during a long ride if you feel a bit nostalgic.

“Breakaway” is perhaps is the best track of the album and at least give some punch to the whole album. Vocal techniques are more interesting here, and guitar riffs are quite fun.

“Rock’n’Roll Ain’t Dead”, well, actually, it might very well be with this tune. Big no-no to this song. Extremely cliché in its lyrics and chorus. Skip it. Horrible song.

“Red Light” luckily gets our mood up. The riffs and construction of the song are better here, various breakdowns gives the song some air. It even has a bit of solo in it, well executed.

We end the album with a song titled “Tonight Tonight”. Dear emerging bands, if you decide to use the same name of one of the most classic songs in rock history, you should have a masterpiece ready for it. This is simply not. It starts almost interesting for the first minute, but then we get to a quite boring chorus. Go back, listen to the SMASHING PUMPKINS carefully and write something much better, please.

I can’t recommend this album I’m afraid. I always try to give new bands the thumbs up, but I fail to see anything interesting here. Maybe it’s just me.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 10

2 Star Rating

1. Don’t Give A Damn
2. Seven Days
3. Someone Someday
4. The Fighter
5. Killing Me
6. Blink Of An Eye
7. I’ll Be Coming Home
8. Breakaway
9. One Of These Nights
10. Rock’n’Roll Ain’t Dead!
11. Red Light
12. Fear Of The Broken
13. Tonight Tonight
Shane Greenhall - Vocals
Ian "Shiner" Thomas - Guitar
Lloyd Wood - Bass
Ronnie Huxford - Drums
David Winchurch - Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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