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Those Furious Flames - Oniricon

Those Furious Flames
by Calen Nesten at 14 January 2015, 11:59 PM

THOSE FURIOUS FLAMES are a rock band from Lugano, Switzerland. They released their album “Oniricon” in the fall of 2014. The band brands themselves as “classic rock” and they indeed nail the sound, but I don't feel right comparing them to LED ZEPPELIN, LYNARD SKYNARD. They are considered classic because they stood the test of time, people have been passing their music down for generations, when they started, and they were “rock” bands. You guys are a rock band.  Now that I get that out of the way, THOSE FURIOUS FLAMES aren't actually half bad.

I was scared when I heard the first three tracks, they accomplish imitating bands from the 70's and 80's, but are just a few noodles away from making some really gooey mac and cheese. My ears did perk up in interest at the next two tracks, “Jane” and “The Reason Why” are actually pretty good tracks. They don't just emulate the classic rock formula, THOSE FURIOUS FLAMES use classic rock as inspiration, mixing it with a bit of Grunge, Psychedelic and Southern Rock. The band lost me once again during the other two tracks “Chemistry” and “The Lost Wonder”, they have the feeling of those tracks made to churn out another song to fill the gaps in radio broadcasts. The rest of the album is tolerable, “Volcano” is a pretty good track, but the others are forgettable. I got tired of the radio-rock formula of the songs quickly, “Oniricon” is best left in the background of some high-school party.

1 Star Rating

1. Too Late
2. Futureman
3. Astronomical
4. Jane
5. The Reason Why
6. Chemistry
7. The Lost Wonder
8. Volcano
9. Break Me Down
10. The Cosmic Secret
Yari Copt - Vocals
G.B. - Bass
Yann Nick - Guitar
Big Boss - Drums
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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