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Thoughtcrime - Thoughcrime Award winner

by Oil Gonzalez at 28 March 2022, 6:37 AM

A relatively new band, Colorado USA based THOUGHTCRIME have emerged. Describing themselves as a band created during “an era of corporate-backed artists and creative bankruptcy”, I was expecting the band to have a very raw punk or hardcore style, along with a very strong political message. It’s interesting how we, as humans, do this and we often make false judgements, as you’ll see I did here. After scouring their social media and websites, I get a sense of professionalism, and that the band definitely are taking this game very seriously and aren’t here to mess around!

That’s the feeling I got right from the opening note from  “Not Anymore”, the opening track. Everything feels polished, sharp, with careful attention to production detail. From the vocal tone and lyrics, I sense that they’re very personal to the band, yet expressed in a way that is still aesthetic and well articulated. I found it interesting how the band seemingly let the music do the talking in this song. It seems like an age before we’re introduced to the vocalist, to the point where I was questioning whether I was listening to an instrumental. I’m also finding it tricky to place this band in a genre. But that demonstrates that the band are doing things how they had set out. By their own rules, no cliches or formulas, writing music that they want for them. A lot of what I can say for this song also applies to “PESTILENCE” and “ALONE”. I was starting to draw comparisons to AVENGED SEVENFOLD, especially vocally. However, I was impressed with some of the more progressive elements emerging, and whilst combined with the multiple layers of vocal attack, I found their compositions to be deceptively complex, much in the vane of MASTODON.

Now, as I’m writing this, I’ll admit I had to go back and listen to the solo in “ALONE”. This an absolute scorcher! I’m writing in the present tense as it’s blurring through my ear phones right now! Repeatedly. It just oozes of that classic 00s early metalcore which I adore, seeing as that genre was my gateway into the world of metal. I’m so glad they’ve revisited that sound. I thought that was good? The intro to “FEAR OF NOTHING” is equally complex, melodic, just a delight to listen to. I found that the band’s vocalists were beginning to harmonise, the band’s rhythm section was watertight, and overall there’s a subtle complexity to the composition here. That’s why I was so wrong to assume this bands genre immediately after reading their press pack!

Speaking of complex, the final song “Long Live the King” is a whirlwind, an 8 minute progressive masterpiece. It’s like they’ve taken the rule book for song writing, simply tore it up and done things their own way! I’m so glad they have. I’m pretty sure the breakdown section at the end would incite a good old fashioned mosh too. Overall, I’m finding it very hard to think of anything to critique here as there really is so much to admire. If I’m being very picky now, I think maybe the vocalist could annuniciate a bit more clearly so that I can understand his story better, but that’s a very minor issue. He’s more than proven himself capable. Additionally, whilst the production is very good, I think there’s just something missing to get it to that elite level. They’ve demonstrated potential to get there, so why shouldn’t they invest to get to that world class level? I won’t lie, reviewing can place demands on my time. But stumbling upon gems like this makes it worthwhile! This is definitely getting shared to a few of my friends.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Not Anymore
2. Pestilence
3. Alone
4. Fear Of Nothing
5. Long Live The King
Miguel Ruiz – Backing Vocals – Lead Guitar
Andrew Cope – Bass, Lead Vocals
Isaac Clark – Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar
Jeff Govert – Drums
Record Label: WormHoleDeath


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