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Thrall - Schisms Award winner

by Craig Rider at 20 July 2022, 3:09 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: THRALL; independently unsigned, hailing from Australian grounds - performing Black Metal, on their 4th full-length studio album entitled: “Schisms” (released May 28th, 2022). Since formation in  2005-2006 (as THY PLAGUES); the quartet in question have an EP entitled: “Entropy” (released August 17th, 2015), and 4 full-length studio albums in their discography so far entitled: “Away From The Haunts Of Man” (released June 10th, 2010), “Vermin To The Earth” (released October 31st, 2011), “Aokigahara Jukai” (released October 22nd, 2013) and this here 4th record entitled “Schisms” of which I am introduced to. 8 tracks ranging around 43:03; THRALL arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Black Metal developments.

Opening up with this speedy riff of blackened arts; the titular track belts a clobbering foundation in bulldozing adrenaline, a distorted calamity in gnarly carnage rifts with razor-sharp smacks & sonically seamless symbolism. Rampantly rompy manifestations of sturdy thuds & weighty punchiness bludgeons eardrums with savagely sinister mayhem, sulfurous rollicking trailblazes with groovy hooks amongst a galloping haste in frolicking chugs from consisting vocalist/guitar maelstrom: Tøm. “Tyrant” rumbles with reverberation grooves and choppy assimilation; while the vocals soar with throaty raspiness, grumbling growls while on top of some bleeding cords that shout with yelling bellows of tormented agony. Guitars nimbly shred with rapid grinds and killer laceration mobilities on technical vehemence, monolithic tempo fires all cylinders while trembling virtuosity that towers with riveting strikes that pursuit with fierce firepower expertise which stampedes with vicious velocity.

Jared on drums hammers his set with steely precision, rambunctiously pile driving with monstrously meaty pummels & pounding viscerality. “Veils” relentlessly injects an experimental piercing of venomous retribution, where thumping tactical warfare from guitarist number 2: Ramez twins through with concretely gritty crunchiness amongst a bombastically berserking attribute in volatile substance that showcases this organically salubrious craftsmanship ability in an enriching archetype in flexibly archaic fundamentals of radically wicked finesse. “Hollows” rips new wounds with flamboyant extremity and aggressive barks, harnessing crescendos herald an impactful impulse while some tremolo effects infects a dark but dismal intensity in immersive gloominess. An audible bass flickering from Jonno unleashes a dynamic ritual midway of this synthetic boundary in sweeping rebellion, yet the borderline banishment of the profusely robust tremors within his instrument compiles quaking yet ominous & jarring blasphemy that wrathfully distills a distinctively distinguished malformation on malicious songwriting momentum for good measure.

Nihil” contorts a snare of scouring majesty, slowing down and fuses an atmospheric element in hallowed mist. Still trampling speakers with relentless solidities that slab with dexterous fervor, forging an abominable transparent on ghastly desegregation and stridency that revels with versatile remedy. “Abyss” fabricates more subjugating tyranny, piercing souls with ruthlessness which will make one want to break chairs over other chairs and breathe in the stench of putrid, burning acid in no time. A diabolical hysteria within materializes over you to rage with the scything melodies that tend to build into an addictive shroud of prowess driven immensity. The penultimate banger “Epoch” unearths this spellbinding profanation on evil empowering stability; synergizing an incredibly shrieking zeal on decaying but bruising deathliness that will marvel you with ruinous superlunary efficaciousness, intriguing one with vigorously potent rigor & vibrantly potent mystery in cavernous conundrums.

Overall concluding “Schisms” with the finale epic: “Dust”; a foreboding symbiosis of trepidation noise terror that wonders with ambiently fueled desolation, and an instrumental forcefield of overarching blitzkreig in which will make you want to spin this one with re-playable enjoyability. THRALL most certainly delivered an enthralling experience but also captures a systematical machination of polished sound production steadiness, heavy as hell instrumentation, extremely quivers with aggressive aptitude and a spiffing performance that will keep one fascinated for good sport. Most definitely a Black Metal staple that all fans of this subgenre needs to keep an eye out on, worthy of listening to - do check it out.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Schisms
2. Tyrant
3. Veils
4. Hollow
5. Nihil
6. Abyss
7. Epoch
8. Dust
Tøm - Vocals/Guitar
Ramez - Guitar
Jonno - Bass
Jared - Drums
Record Label: Impure Sounds


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