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Thrash Bombz - Dawn Award winner

Thrash Bombz
by Paulomaniaco at 29 August 2014, 9:47 PM

THRASH BOMBZ  was born in 2007 from the ashes of NECROSIS, a Death Thrash band from Sicily in Italy, having already released few demos, an EP, and a full length album called "Mission Of Blood", they have now given us this  EP entitled "Dawn".

The CD begins with a very short intro which adds nothing to the CD really. The second track is more like what I expect; "…Presence" is a fast song with harsh vocals, reminding me of the golden era of good Thrash bands from the Bay Area, good guitars with simple but efficient riffs and good drumming too. "Drown In Misery" is straight to the point. I like the vocals with those high notes and the change of tones. I remember the last time I reviewed another Thrash Metal band from Italy called I.C.S., and I really liked them. Italy always delivers some good Thrash bands and here is no different, good solos with some excellent backing vocals and lots of energy. "Eternal Punishment" reminds me of old TESTAMENT, the songs are very simple without too many filling gaps, again great solos, awesome vocals and very catching melodies. The fast pace and hate are broken by "Dawn", a ballad and only instrumentals are part of this song, a very good ballad indeed, it is really a pity that Destruktor did not use his excellent vocals in this song because I think I would have been killer. The last track is "Human Obliteration", a very good song, sounding very old school and fresh at the same time. I think THRASH BOMBZ have a great future ahead of them if they keep the same style and take no prisoners from anyone. I like the production, it is well done and you can tell it when you listen to the songs, and the art cover is great, I like it.

4 Star Rating

1. Unknown
2. …Presence
3. Drown In Your Misery
4. Eternal Punishment
5. Dawn
6. Human Obliteration
UR- Rhythm Guitars
Skisso - Lead Guitars
Destruktor - Vocals/Bass
Vihol - Drums
Record Label: Iron Shield Records


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