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Thrashgression - Endless Pollution Award winner

Endless Pollution
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 24 February 2014, 1:40 AM

THRASHGRESSION, as you can guess by the name, is a Thrash Metal band reigning from Gipuzkoa, Basque. “Endless Pollution” is their first full length album, and listening to it, I can’t wait to see what they are going to do next. Although labeled a Thrash Metal band, I do detect a pinch of a Death or Melodic Death influence. Not enough to change their genre, but definitely enough to enhance the sound, and make these guys unique. There is a nice range of vocals on the album, going from clean, to that thrashy mix of harsh and clean, to strait harsh. It certainly will keep you head banging.

“Endless Pollution” is a work of Thrash Metal art. The album is very well put together. The drum work is fast and thrashy, but also in spots, takes on a sort of Melodic Death feel. The guitars, likewise, are fast and ripping but in certain select areas take on that same Death like sound. As for the vocals, there is a decent mix up of what he does. Most of the vocals are that typical Thrash style, but in spots they are completely clean, while in other go completely harsh. All of the instruments are together and totally on cue. Yes this album is very well composed and totally badass. It is keeping my head banging. (Even through my head ache) The speed is not over the top, but they rock it perfectly.

Overall I enjoyed the album. They mixed it up a bit throwing some influences of genres other than strait thrash. It wasn’t repetitive at all, so that was a big plus. If I get bored of a cd half way through it’s liable to be tossed in the stack and forgotten about for a while. The composition was good, and everybody was right on the whole time. These guys probably put on a great live show. I would recommend THRASHGRESSION to any boy who likes the old school stuff, and / or the to those who like it heavy but not totally brutal. Great album.

5 Star Rating

1. Before the Dawn
2. Behind the Divine
3. Survivors of the Endless Pollution
4. Your Metal Way
5. Itzalak
6. Thrash Till Death
7. The Game
8. Seven Corpses for Dinner
Asier Rodrigeuz - Vocals / Bass
Manex Arostegi - Drums
Iker Zarautz - Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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