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Three Points of Madness - Circus of Madness

Three Points of Madness
Circus of Madness
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 27 December 2019, 4:39 AM

There are many bands that try to mix influences from many different musical genres to create something new. Even on Rock ‘n’ Roll this aspect can be seen, it’s usual, and many musical classics of Metal and Rock ‘n’ Roll were created in this way. And THREE POINTS OF MADNESS is one of them, as “Circus of Madness” states clearly. They’re mixing influences from crude Rock ‘n’ Roll with Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, and even Alternative Rock. It sounds technical and melodically catchy for the ears, but always bearing a raw feeling on their songs. There are refined moments with keyboards, and in the mixed salad that is their music, the listener can track many different things. The best thing to do: enjoy the journey!

The sonority of “Circus of Madness” is permeated by an organic feeling. This crude insight can be a legacy of their musical influences, but it’s not so dirty that could damage their musical work. Everything can be heard and understood clearly, without any problem. On the album, there are 12 good songs, in a way that everyone can find something that fits on their musical tastes. The best songs for s first time on THREE POINTS OF MADNESS’ music are “Nightmares” (some complexity is shown on the tempos of the song, along with very good keyboards arrangements can be heard), “Evermore” (in the middle of weight and aggressiveness, some Country Rock/Southern Rock touches can be heard, and what a very good chorus), the introspective ‘noir’ feeling of “Lies Again”, the mastodonic weight of “Circus of Madness”, the pure Hard Rock song “Death’s Revenge”, and the abrasive guitars of “Rise Up Again”.

A good name, indeed, but “Circus of Madness” shows that THREE POINTS OF MADNESS can do better that what’s is shown on it. The future will show what they have in their sleeves…

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Nightmares
2. Evermore
3. Devil’s Face
4. Heroes
5. Lies Again
6. Circus of Madness
7. Death’s Revenge
8. My Santuary My home
9. Dicweed
10. Rise Up Again
11. Skeid
12. Medusa’s Stare
George Petrus - Vocals, Guitars
Ron Pacheco Jr. - Bass, Backing Vocals
Dave McNally - Keyboards
Sean Daudelin - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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