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Three Seasons - Grow Award winner

Three Seasons
by Daniel Fox at 21 June 2014, 8:43 PM

THREE SEASONS have been making a name for themselves in the bluesy, Prog Rock scene of modern times, since their 2009 release. 2014 sees a continuation of their art, blossoming in the form of "Grow". It adheres to the archetypes of velvety Prog, with lengthy, amorphous tracks that ebb and flow with the tide of the melodies with seamless connectivity, that surprisingly borrows from sensibilities as far back as THE BEATLES, blended into a mix of 70's Prog, embellished with modern recording quality. Nevertheless, the resulting sound is pure and organic, straight from the vinyl.

"Which Way" is an esoteric choice for an opener, with its wistful introduction, I envisage as pleasant company to a rainstorm, sheltered by a window. Intriguingly, the picking up in tempo and mood of the track seems to symbolize a clearing of the weather (at least, this is how its playing out in my head), and we're prepped for the outward bound…. That is, until we come to a crossroads, and we're again met with the melodic dancing of the intro repeated. Every time this motif is brought back, the song once again progresses in yet a new direction, punctuated by simple, but effective nuance. "Drowning" much more satisfies the technical and artful displays of Prog music; colorful, yet gritty riffs are often embellished with melodic, liquid grooves, evocative of early LED ZEPPELIN. The track is fun, busy, and quaintly bumpy, properly evocative of Rock of the 70's.

"Tablas of Bahar" brought something fresh and new to the table; the calming intro punctuated by acoustic noodling eventually sub ducted under heavier, rhythmic guitar chops and psychedelic keyboard lines. In essence, this piece clocks in over 7 minutes of gorgeous guitar-keyboard interplay; an extended dual solo, if you will. "Familiar Song" nearly reaches the 10 minute mark, and may as well include a wide range of tracks, captivating the essence of different styles. Minimilistic vocal music is lead by the evocative bass into a heavier brand of Prog with aggressive guitar playing, and continues to evolve with even stronger Prog fluency pouring in with thick, harmonious keyboard arrangements immersing the track here and there. The vocal delivery is stunning, a powerful delivery derived from classic pop music, combining a rock aggressiveness with the fluency of skilled jazz singing, producing a range that is shapeless, unconfined, emotive and malleable.

THREE SEASONS do not write cheesy Prog, but that which is easy-listening and includes sufficient sensibilities of the genre to attract enthusiastic Prog heads.

4 Star Rating

1. Which Way
2. Drowning
3. By the Book
4. Tablas of Bahar
5. Food for the Day
6. No Shame
7. Home is Waiting
8. Familiar Song
Sartez Faraj – Guitars, Vocals
Olle Risberg – Bass
Christian Eriksson – Drums
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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