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Three Seasons - Understand The World Award winner

Three Seasons
Understand The World
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 29 November 2012, 8:08 PM

For me the 70s was the best era for Metal and Rock music. Most of the Metal and Rock we hear today was originated by past bands of these special times like DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN, RUSH and many more. Back then most bands used slight overdrive and many Keyboards (organ style). I have heard that there has been a gradual awaking lately with bands that play similar patterns of vintage Rock / Metal, one of the many have been THREE SEASONS. The band originates from Sweden, yes the same country that has been playing a huge role in the Glam Metal / Hard Rock renaissance. However, it seems that Sweden has other music abilities.

The first song “Set In Stone” immediately sent me back to 70s Hammond / electric piano of DEEP PURPLE and I was amazed. The song is classic Psychedelic Rock and if nobody told me that I was listening to an album from 2012, I would have probably said that it’s an 70s album, wow that’s impressive. “Searching” starts with a nice drumming, Psychedelic Punk styled guitars, once again amazing keyboards and with a mellow riff. In overall, it is a pretty solid song. “Far As Far Can Be” is an amazing ballad with harmonic vocals and nice guitar riffing. I listened to this song for like four times in a row, sending me back to DEEP PURPLE / GRATEFUL DEAD, the song again in cooperates amazing psychedelic riffing and great Keyboard work. If you like PINK FLOYD and GRATEFUL DEAD don’t miss “Understand The World” with an ambient atmosphere. More Metal, heavy Rock pops up on “I Would Be Glad” with a classic 70s vintage Metal sound. For me it was the best song on the album. When I saw that there is a song with a name of a lady I immediately thought about “Lalena”, however “Maria” is an instrumental track. It showcases the band’s ability in playing epoch Rock music with yet again amazing riffing, guitar strumming and divine keyboards. “Can’t Let Go” is a must catchy song and a Solid 70s experience.

I got to say wow , these guys threw me back forty years and because of them I had to dig up all my 70s mp3s on my CPU. I got really emotional there by the great music by amazing artists; I sure will try and keep up with this band. For me it is masterpiece, for you it depends. If you like 70s Metal you would be shocked in a good way. If not, you will be grateful that we still have bands that are willing to play this divine style of music.

5 Star Rating

1. Set In Stone
2. Searching
3. Far As Far Can Be
4. Ain’t Got Time
5. Understand the World
6. I Would Be Glad
7. Maria
8. Can’t Let Go
Sartez Faraj- Guitar and Vocals
Olle Risberg - Bass
Christian Eriksson - Drums
Record Label: Transubstans Records


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