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Three Sixes - Know God, No Peace... Award winner

Three Sixes
Know God, No Peace...
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 25 November 2014, 11:05 AM

Well, to speak about the North American Metal school, it’s best for everyone to understand that they never are comfortable in following rules and dogmas inside Metal. No, the North American guys are always trying to expand the frontiers, always trying to create something new. And some guys really do fine works this way, as the quintet from Westminster (California) THREE SIXES, and they show their talons and fangs on “Know God, No Peace”, their new album.

They are doing a mix between modern Thrash Metal with some Groove and Industrial influences, tons of Hardcore elements, creating a music aggressive and abrasive, but as well Traditional Heavy Metal touches. But be aware: the result is a brutal punch of pure aggressiveness in the teeth, but elegant and pulsing with energy and a proper identity. The vocals use aggressive tunes of Damien’s normal voices, great guitar riffs and solos, a heavy and technical rhythmic basis. But all these elements fused creates a strong and evident personality, and they sound as band where the music is more important than individual technique on instruments.

Produced by the band along with Marko Olson (who did the mixing and mastering as well), the sound quality is as clear as water, but dense and heavy, but with very good tunes in each instrument, gathering along their musical influences and creating something cohesive and aggressive.

With a six-fold Digipack, with a famous citation “I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly”, said by of Albert Einstein, a reference of their lyrical context. The artwork is almost black, but with the booklet using a personalized draw of Mother Mary linked to all evil things that are eating our world (corruption, hunger, war, racial problems, and others). But beware: the band’s lyrics are protests against bad things of our reality, not something linked to foul Satanism. They are attacking the evil caused by religions.

Full of guest appearances (all of them named on the CD booklet), “Know God, No Peace” is a great and perfect album, having its best moments on “Lead Winged Angel” (with great vocals and riffs, introduced by some Death Metal influences on the drums), “Darkside” (a more introspective song, with some whispered voices singing along with harsh vocals), the abrasive “Arch Enemy” (with slower tempo, where great bass and drums works appear), “Soul Destroyer” and its great Industrial influences, “Hand of Hell” (a little more melodic and accessible song, again with very great work of Damien on vocals), “Unit 731” and its good balance between fast moments and slower ones, the darkened and introspective “Where Eternity Starts”, and the excellent and perfect “Know God, No Peace”, with great pianos and keyboards appearances, along with fine riffs and vocals along its more than 11 minutes of duration. But we must say as well that their personalized version for AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” is wonderful, full of Industrial elements.

Know THREE SIXES, and have a great time!

5 Star Rating

1. Saviour
2. Lead Winged Angel
3. Darkside
4. Truth
5. Arch Enemy
6. Soul Destroyer
7. Kingdom of Lies
8. Hand of Hell
9. Saint?
10. Thunderstruck (AC/DC Cover)
11. Underground Celebrity
12. Unit 731
13. Where Eternity Starts
14. Revelation
15. Know God, No Peace
Damien – Vocals
Killswitch – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Johnny – Bass
Konnyaku – Drums
Marko – Programming
Record Label: Universal Sign Records


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