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Threshold - Subsurface (CD)

by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 16 July 2004, 8:36 PM

Threshold is the best Progressive Metal band originating from the U.K, and there isn't the faintest doubt about that. Simply every album after their debut Wounded Land (1994 - which was really good) represents a point of reference in the field and a vested document for the importance and the artistic value of the band.
Have you ever thought how difficult it was for them to prepare an equal or even better successor every time they released albums like Psychedelicatessen (1995), Clone (1998), and the resounding Critical Mass (2002)? However, they made it. And every time they managed to sound madly improved and inspired as if time had no effect on them.
When an album begins with a song like Mission Profile (probably among the band's top 5 songs of all time), worries imminently disappear and the only thought left is how far this band can go. The band's unequalled ability to compose refrains that wedge and haunt the listener's mind, hasn't diminished to the minimum point. How on earth can they do that?
Compositions especially complicated, but at the same time so much direct and emotional, indeed their trademark and the band's strongest point. Andrew McDermott's vocals are ethereal; he has easily one of the most identifiable voices out there. Also notice the work that's been done with the guitars and the marvelous soloing that colors indelibly the 9-song canvass of Subsurface.
Forget any blabby progressive tunes and embellishments. Threshold is a band of essence that can touch the listener's temperament and innermost feelings, when given the chance. Songs like Mission Profile, Opium, The Art Of Reason and Pressure cannot be written by any other band out there. I'm quite sure that even the most honored bands would wish to contain one of those in their discography.
If it wasn't for the latest Critical Mass the rating would undoubtedly be higher. Personally, I consider Subsurface the best Progressive Metal release so far this year and that's no surprise to me, considering the band's potential. If you want to listen to a band that combines only the good stuff from groups like Shadow Gallery, Conception, Dream Theater but also having an identifiable and characteristic individuality, Threshold is the answer to your prayers. Do yourself a favor and purchase Subsurface, they deserve it and so fo your ears.

4 Star Rating

Mission Profile
Ground Control
Stop Dead
The Art Of Reason
Flags And Footprints
The Destruction Of Words
Andrew McDermott - Vocals    
Karl Groom - Guitars    
Nick Midson - Guitars    
Jon Jeary - Bass    
Richard West - Keyboards    
Johanne James - Drums    
Record Label: InsideOut Music


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