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Thron - Abysmal Award winner

by JOGANEGAR at 20 September 2018, 6:39 AM

Every time summer ends, a veil of darkness covers our hemisphere, inviting the darkest parts of our chemistry and our very nature to come forth and recognize themselves as the prominent section of our personality. Even though promoting them to a socially or politically correct  status, the most obscure side of human nature has always had an undeniable appeal, specially to those who cherish the elements, concepts and substance behind extreme music like the one that is created, produced and released by German Death/Black Metal band known as THRON. The album cover alone is a proof of outstanding creative design, and after inadvertently listening to the debut album through a long night flight and finding out the names of the members are composed of no more than some roman numerals or at least what I think are roman numerals, the halo of both mysticism and creative originality began to submerge me deeper and deeper into what I know now is described as the left-hand path.

Founded in 2015, and after their self-titled album was released last year, the German Death/Black metallers THRON, spawn their demonic follow up into the world one year later to spread a shadow over the multiverse of metal that might seem, at least to me, a lot more stark, than anything I have had the opportunity to witness. The fact that the identities of the musicians remain unknown, provides an interesting concept to all those with a darker approach to life, the production is one of the best elements asides from the songwriting, which I recognize as the best feature of THRON. One cannot be but infatuated or to use a term more appropriate for the occasion, be infected by the creative flow and philosophical and musical approach of this band towards everything they create and develop, which to this point I can only expect it to be a malign number of overflowing productions of evil accompanied by the continuous attack of guitar riffs that resemble a violin or harpsichord played in the middle of an abandoned cathedral in the Carpathian forest of Europe in the middle of a murderous winter, THRON unveils darkness into this world for the second time, showing that illumination can sometimes come through darkness. It just takes an inner eye to be evil to appreciate it.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Beyond the Gates
2. Under a Bloodred sky
3. A Spark of Divinity
4. Dead Souls
5. Hidden in Shadows
6. A Glorious Ride
7. Liturgia
8. Blood of Serpents
9. The Wrath of Gods
10. The Shrines
Record Label: Listenable Records


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