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Throne – The Full Moon Sessions

The Full Moon Sessions
by Michael Coyle at 17 November 2015, 10:39 PM

For fans of ASPHYX, LEGION, & BEYOND BELIEF, comes a compilation of songs brought by former members of these three bands, this compilation features material which spans the bands carrier since their first demo release Demo 95 though it can be said that the band have never released a studio record it is still interesting to see what this compilation holds and how we can be introduced to the band.

To start off with we go into the compilations first track entitled "Oppressor Of The Underworld". The start of this track goes with full force and gives an impressive start to this compilation and what we can expect from the bands style as well as what we can in general make of the band, for me it reminds me of a lot of early Death Metal releases from back in the 80's with just how it has been mixed and how it has been recorded.

It does sound like it has been recorded in one room with everyone playing their parts at once which would have meant that the band would have had to have rehearsed over and over until they got the sound that they would want and for me that is a true sign of effort. Through the compilation we see elements of each of the band members previous bands and what they have been able to bring in terms of ideas for these tracks as well as creating a sound that makes the band familiar in terms of what to listen out for. Going through the record I find myself fascinated by the style this band have and the kind of heavy yet angry vocals they have for themselves which provides us with the Doom element to the band which can clearly be found through the vocals and guitars of the band which at the same time show us their Death element.

As we venture on I find myself at the compilations fifth track "Bleeding Torment" which carries more of the bands Doom inspired sound which honestly is heavy and has a better mix but as well more of a feeling to it which honestly I can't put my finger on but that emotion is there and is clearly visible to the listener. The track has a more demonic vibe to it as well as well as a torture-type tone which shows no mercy to the listeners ears as it thunders it's way down destroying everything in it's path. What I can say though about this track is that it does get a bit boring after a bit as it does go on with the same riff for literally the entire track and really doesn't have what you would expect from it, I can admire the work on this track I really can but at the same time it just goes on in a loop without any change and really what you want out of a song that starts off the way it does you would want something that stands out.

The compilation is a clever mix of some of the bands best and the bands not so great material giving fans a taste of what they are in a whole general sense instead of just making a compilation of their greatest hits the band have in the end created a compilation of tracks to please yet question.

In general I feel that with this compilation it gives newer fans a chance to really get to know the full idea as to what the band Throne are and how they sound but at the same time you never really know how someone is going to feel about a new band until they have had a chance to listen to a good selection of the bands catalog, this is why I feel that this compilation is a great idea to release as it gives everyone a chance to witness what this band have to offer a newer generation of extreme Metal fans.

Going into a track entitled "Beyond Morbid" we see that a lot of the bands tracks on this record are live recorded giving off that old feel of when bands were first recording their demo's and honestly it is a great idea to add this types of songs to this record as it gives a younger generation an idea as to how things were done back when, it is an interesting idea to mix some of the bands better mixed material with the older material as it does make the listener appreciate the band more giving some an idea to what they would sound like live as well as giving them a chance to hear rare and hard to find material, honestly I praise the band for this as it is a song with real heart and power which I honestly feel a lot of bands have lost over the years. From what we can hear there is this strong angry energy pouring through mixing together the emotion and the idea creating something vicious and intense beyond any else.

4 Star Rating

1. Oppressor Of The Underworld
2. Sonic Carnage
3. Their Great Names
4. Nuclear Warmachine
5. Bleeding Torment
6. Their Great Names
7. Nuclear Warmachine
8. Sonic Carnage
9. Oppressor Of The Underworld
10. Beyond Morbid
11. Full Moon Whore
A.J. Van Drenth
Bob Bagchus –
Record Label: Vic Records


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