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Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Malice (CD)

Through The Eyes Of The Dead
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 08 October 2007, 9:43 PM

US Metalcore/Deathcore act THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD returns with its second full-length album, after its really good debut Bloodlust (2005). Many of you would expect a brutal and technical Death Metal band similar to CANNIBAL CORPSE after reading the band's name, but unfortunately TTEOTD have nothing to do with the Florida Death Metal masters.

Formed in 2003 in Florence, South Carolina, TTEOTD have already managed to release an EP, a split CD and two full-length albums and share the stage with bands like ION DISSONANCE, THE CLASSIC STRUGGLE, IN FLAMES, CROWBAR, CEPHALIC CARNAGE and many more. Anyway, Prosthetic Records releases their brand new album and the US metallers are here to show some melodic brutality to the Metal audience.

The band consists of members that have played or play in bands such as ORIGIN and ARSIS. I can't say that TTEOTD have any similarities with ORIGIN, but you will come across some melodic leads that will remind you of ARSIS. Some may describe this band as a brutal Metalcore one; others may describe it as Deathcore. The fact is that this band has combined brutality, melody and sickness very well. While listening to Malice you will stumble upon influences that range from CHIMAIRA and ARCH ENEMY to BEHEMOTH and HEAVEN SHALL BURN. The cover they have chosen to play shows that these guys are not just some KILLSWITCH ENGAGE/CHIMAIRA wannabes (and they play it more brutal than MORBID ANGEL mostly due to the heavy and raw sound).

I wasn't really amazed by the album I am now reviewing, since this kind of music is a bit common and sometimes boring for me, but TTEOTD surely manage to avoid ending up in the almost music category. You can't say that they are bad, but not that they can rock your socks off. I think that if they try a bit harder they can become something much bigger than what they are now. Metalcore/Deathcore fans will definitely love it!

3 Star Rating

Failure In The Flesh
The Undead Parade
To Wage A War
A Catastrophe Of Epic Proportions
As Good As Dead
Welcome To The Wasteland
To The Ruins
Dead End Roads
Pull The Trigger
Dominate (MORBID ANGEL Cover)*

*Bonus Track
Nate Johnson - Vocals
Justin Longshore - Guitar
Chris Anderson - Guitar
Jake Ososkie - Bass
Josh Kulick - Drums
Record Label: Prosthetic Records


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