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Thrust - Reincarnation (Reissue)

Reincarnation (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 29 June 2015, 6:21 PM

Just think of it people, how many Metal / Rock albums didn’t get to show their worth out in the open only to remain forever sealed in tapes, private CDs, studio computer demos? I am assuming thousands and even more. But the beauty in nowadays market, possibly also years ago yet the media wasn’t that advanced, is that these albums resurface, glad that there are bands celebrating something in order to for those unreleased extras to hatch. After taking a shot of the US Metal early flamboyance called THURST and its debut album “Fist Held High”, I rushed forward to the next in line treat reissued by Metal Blade Records. “Reincarnation”, the band’s sophomore, should have been out back in 1989 but never did. I wouldn’t start by asking why as it is for another writing piece. Produced and engineered by ex-ALICE COOPER / ex-KISS guitarist, Bob Kulick, “Reincarnation”, in my point of view, served as THRUST turn of the other chick towards their old US Metal resilience and on towards catching fire with the late 80’s Hard N’ Heavy salvos of bands that came over North America. But who said that it was bad?

So maybe that was the reason why this record never got released? As I cleared out, dwelling in this question wouldn’t be proper for this album. Just gave you something to wonder about. Anyway, half a decade since “Fist Held High” and THRUST put their trust in a newfound mish-mash of crooked Hair Metal, cranked up Hard Rock along with bits and pieces of their past tradition. It is positive that Bob Kulick’s involvement with the band’s creations had them going through a kind of an identity change that took their music into a mainstream oriented path, which rather suited those days nicely. Listening to the “Reincarnation”, tagging along to its meaning, THURST mutated into a filthier MOTLEY CRUE, less complicated BRITNEY FOX, addicted as W.A.S.P, heavier as early to late 80’s SAVATAGE, essentially a simpler pill to swallow if your drift is towards the easier edge of Metal music.

Even though while being less melodic, and more riff based, THRUST turned catchier than their previous Traditional Metal chase. They transformed into a less Metal to bone kind of band while gaining points of softness. Arrangement wise, the songs are easy to comprehend and might turn up a few singalongs, with a lot of room for a show of raspy toned vocal force and crusty riffs to keep the heaviness intact. The soloing would also indicate the band’s transformation as the notable Hard Rock licks are there in full display. “Wasted” and “Cheater” exemplified THRUST’s almost Glamish spanking force of willpower, “God Only Knows”, one of the two ballads, served as silk and smooth, but with enough venom. “Never Too Young” is the stadium rocker, a pure MOTELY CRUE of the early 80’s that might have been a good turn if the band stuck to this line of music permanently.

In the end, after being under concrete, “Reincarnation” joined the party, but for the celebration of the debut “Fist Held High”, showing a different THRUST, maybe to let you pick what’s best or just accept the fact that every band can undergo changes. “Reincarnation” still holds the energies of old even if being a bit dry in comparison. In general, a solid album that provides a pretty good idea what went on in most of the US, or at least in L.A., back in 1989. Do yourself a favor and get to know it.

3 Star Rating

1. War
2. Scream Girl Scream
3. God Only Knows
4. Hypocrite
5. Never Too Young
6. Wasted
7. The Fool
8. Get Crazy
9. Cheater
10. Fit of Rage
11. Intensity (Demo)
12. No Mercy (Demo)
13. Rockin the Night (Demo)
14. Back on the Street (Demo)
15. Evil Redeemer (Demo)
16. Psycho Killer (Demo)
17. Fist Held High (Demo)
18. Stand Up and Fight (Demo)
Ray Gervais - Bass
Joe Rezendes - Drums
Ron Cooke - Guitar
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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Edited 03 February 2023

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