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Thrustor - Abysmal Fear

Abysmal Fear
by Dorothy Cheng at 07 January 2013, 1:20 PM

The first thing I thought when the first track from THRUSTOR's “Abysmal Fear” started blasting was: “Damn—SLAYER”.

THRUSTOR was set up brothers Phil and Tony Sardo, with Tomasz Pilasiewicz “Sick Drummer” on drums. First of all, it is important to note that Pilaziewicz’smoniker is duly earned. He rightly ushers in the rhythm required for THRUSTOR to pull off the extremity they aim for. The band describes their style as being “U.S Extreme Thrash Metal Assault”, and boy do they keep their promise. Their music is filled to the brim with Bay Area thrash influences, most notably, as mentioned before, Big Four giants SLAYER. Vocalist Phil Sardo mimics to perfection Tom Araya’sspoken/screamed vocals. Also, I definitely hear some TESTAMENT in the riffs and drums, especially during the intro to “Brutal Assault”, with its kickass bridge incorporating some seriously brutal, sped-up riffing and drums.

However, it is track number one, “Struck by the First Stone” that seals the deal and gets the ball rolling. Devotees of 80’s thrash will clamor to finish the album when hit by the thunderous thrash-worthy intro of the song. This track serves as some form of elongated intro as to what is about to happen throughout the album. Unfortunately, this definitely spells out some disadvantages as well because the rest of the tracks do not stray far from the format established in the first. Listeners can expect to have their ears blasted into oblivion by some intense, extreme beats and riffs all throughout the album with little changes except for “Burnt Offerings”, a track with a slow beginning and a poignant, raw lead guitar. Strangely, despite the songs carrying an undertone of repetition with them, I did not get bored. For some reason, the band managed to hold my attention. Perhaps this can be attributed to interesting lyrics, good production, and my existing love for SLAYER and TESTAMENT.

Let it be said though that this band is in no way a replica of SLAYER or TESTAMENT, as THRUSTOR certainly have honed their own style, which seems to comprise of some honestly kick-ass bridges. Seriously, the bridges all have this die-hard mosh breakdown—neck-snapper style. There isn’t much to elaborate on the band’s technical prowess. They certainly do play very fast and have some interesting and creative riffs. Highlights include a beguiling bassline, the use of the tremolo, good ol’ insane speed picking, and chants of “DEATH” during “Shroud of Blasphemy”.

Vocalist Phil Sardo expressed the theme of the album as “the human soul in a desolate place, being forced to submit to powers beyond its control, in fear of the abyss.” Listening to the lyrics, the message is certainly carried out, and the musicality aptly expresses the chaos and torment of the inexplicably contradictory nature of the human soul. “Tormented Contradiction”is one such track that does this exceptionally well, with truly intense and insane speed work going on. However, the most commendable thing about “Abysmal Fear” is in the genius way each song is structured. The band must have put a lot of thought into each song and its structure, plotting each track line and each transition beautifully.

The production and general sound is great too, with amazingly crunched guitars, thick bass line, and clear drums. THRUSTOR with this new released, has certainly thrust the world of thrash into new fronts.

3 Star Rating

1. Struck by the First Stone
2. Brutal Assault
3. Shroud of Blasphemny
4. Into the Blackest Hate
5. Tormented Contradiction
6. Abysmal Fear
7. Nocturnal Within (Forever Dark)
8. Burnt Offerings
9. Screws to the Skull
10. Chamber of Lost Souls
Phil Sardo – Guitars, Vocals
Tony Sardo – Bass, Vocals
Tom “SickDrummer” Pilasiewicz - Drums
Record Label: Emanes Metal Records


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