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Thulcandra - Ascension Star Award winner

Ascension Star
by Chelsea Jennings at 24 January 2015, 2:48 PM

The German metal quartet THULCANDRA have come back with their latest offering, “Ascension Star”. THULCANDRA is clearly inspired by the likes of DISSECTION & EUCHARIST. The Munich-based black/death metal outfit will release their latest offering via Napalm Records in the US and in Canada on February 10th, and in the UK on February 2nd.

THULCANDRA’S latest offering stands out among black & doom metal releases with massive riffs and driving drumbeats that make the music bold and “in-your-face”. The vocals vary in pitches throughout the album, as well as between guttural growls and “cleanly” sung parts. The band adds melodies in that are at times almost peaceful, making the introductions to some songs such as “First Rebellion” and “Sorrow of the One” before breaking out into driving black & doom metal anthems. Other songs such as “Deliverance In Sin” and “Exalted In Existence” begin by immediately slapping the listener with huge riffs and driving drumbeats that are sure to thrill fans of all genres of heavy music alike.

The themes of the album further THULCANDRA’S quest for black & doom metal dominance as the song titles are dark and somber, and the topics covered in the songs are even more dark and somber than their titles suggest. Talk of rebellion, fear, and sorrow about on the album, as well as many nods to blood, gore, and death. This is exactly what fans expect to hear on a dark, black or doom metal album.

With a combination of massive riffs provided by the pair of guitarists Steffen Kummerer and Sebastian Ludwig, the thundering bass of Tobias Ludwig, and the and driving drumbeats of Erebor, THULCANDRA are unmistakably black & doom metal. It is also worth noting that there are also melodic parts mixed with growling, groveling vocals and “cleaner” parts, THULCANDRA offers something to every metal fan regardless of what genre they enjoy most. THULCANDRA’S latest release “Ascension Star” is sure to push them to the next level of their metal careers.

4 Star Rating

1. The First Rebellion
2. Throne of Will
3. Deliverance of Sin and Death
4. Demigod Imprisoned
5. Interlude
6. Exalted Resistance
7. The Second Fall
8. Sorrow of the One
9. Ascension Lost
10. Outro
Steffen Kummerer - Vocals, Guitar
Sebastian Ludwig - Guitars
Tobias Ludwig - Bass
Erebor - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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