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Thumos - The Course of Empire

The Course of Empire
by Metal Wim at 19 July 2022, 10:18 PM

If you have read any of the other reviews of THUMOS on the Metal Temple site, you will have noticed that we never were able to give you the names of the musicians that are playing on “The Course of Empire”. To be quite frank, that will not change this time, because there is absolutely no information to be found. We know they come from the USA, but as we all know how big that is, that doesn’t say much. What we also know is how industrious they are. Since their existence started in 2018 they have been able to make five demos, two EP’s, two singles, play on two compilations and a split single. On top of that, “The Course of Empire” is their second full-length album. So, to say that they are taking it easy is as far beside the truth as one can get.

What can you expect musically from THUMOS? Well, if I would be allowed to classify this myself I would use the term Dark Cinematic Metal. I know that the DAME TU ALFA claims to play that, but they pale in comparison to what THUMOS is offering us on “The Course of Empire”. This is really dark stuff, with hints of Black Metal thrown in, mostly due to the blastbeats that drop into the music once in a while. But don’t be alarmed, the band never goes into hyperdrive, they stay on the path of midtempo music.

I know some will call this Post Black and Doom Metal, and they may be right, but I fell that is too vague. To me, this would be the perfect music for one of those very disturbing movies, where repetition and mind-blowing are the order of the day. As THUMOS doesn’t use vocals, it has to be the musicality of it all that makes the album stand out. And thankfully it does just that. Just listen to the lengthy song “Arcadian” and close your eyes. Picture and feel the desperation and desolate state of the landscape they are describing, and what horrible events might be taking place whilst this music is distracting you.

I have to admit that after my original reluctance I have started to embrace what THUMOS is making us experience on “The Course of Empire”. I really thought this would be one step to strange for me, but it has surprised me that this is not the case. No, I now really want to find the rest of the music of THUMOS. I feel it’s worth a shot.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

01. Introduction
02. Commencement
03. Arcadian
04. Interlude 1
05. Consummation
06. Interlude 2
07. Destruction
08. Desolation
No Line-up information available
Record Label: Snow Wolf Records


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