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Thumos – The Republic

The Republic
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 07 January 2022, 9:42 AM

THUMOS is a Progressive Doom/Post-Metal band based in the USA. Formed in 2018 as MONO NO AWARE, they changed their name to THUMOS and are presenting their debut full-length album here titled “The Republic,” which contains ten tracks. “The Unjust” leads off the album. It begins with some solemn guitars and fair to poor production. I don’t think there are any vocals…if they are, they are so quiet that you cannot hear them. The song stays pretty uniform throughout, with some pounding bass to go along with the steady guitar presence.

“The Ring” begins with more guitar-led rhythms and some darker tones. I believe this is an instrumental band. They remind me of the group KARMA TO BURN, in the sense that they lay on one riff and don’t really deviate from it at all. “The Virtues” begins with more heavy bass notes. If nothing else, the bass is the real hero here of the musicians…his tone is very bossy and the notes reverberate in your head. “The Psych” begins with a slower groove of a re-hashed SABBATH riff from back in the day. What these guys are trying to do here is beyond me. Though the sound is Doomy and gloomy, the songs are very much the same throughout the album.

“The Forms” opens with clean guitar tones and a feeling of utter desolation. What is even out there, and what purpose does it serve? These questions are posed without answers…just laid out for you to ponder. This song is a bit deeper than the previous four…and provocative as well. “The Ship” is a shorter song that begins with more clean guitar tones and then kicks in with a distorted riff and some cymbal crashes. It descends into a maddening sound from there and is over before you know it. “The Cave” is the only track I could find on youtube. It opens with more Doomy elements reminiscent of what life might be like in a cave…cold, dark, and solitary.

“The Regimes” is a darker song that reminds you of the more gloomy and gray side of life. It has a slow groove, and you look out the window for a week straight to the sight if only endless rain with no sun on the horizon. “The Just” begins with more clean guitar tones along with some more solemn and depressing feelings. Guitars combine into some harmonies and reach high, but the feeling you are left with is pretty low. “The Spindle” closes the album; the longest song on the album. It begins with fast-picked guitars and some layering. From there it picks up with solemn tones and a piano closing that is both eerie and provocative.

This was an odd release. Falling somewhere between Hard Rock and Post-Metal, with no vocals, it wasn’t much of a journey into anywhere. The songs were very unilateral, and quite possibly composed by just one dude. How else can you explain the lack of information about the band? It really didn’t tickle my fancy at all, and I question its existence altogether.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. The Unjust
2. The Ring
3. The Virtues
4. The Psych
5. The Forms
6. The Ship
7. The Cave
8. The Regimes
9. The Just
10. The Spindle
Record Label: Independent


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