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Thunder – All the Right Noises Award winner

All the Right Noises
by John Foley at 02 May 2021, 6:56 AM

Today we have the brand-new album by legendary British hard rockers THUNDER. Founded in London they have 12 studio albums and with this new album, titled “All the Right Noises", will mark their 13th release. THUNDER have had one hell of a career with many hits over the years like “Love Walked In", “Dirty Love", “Backstreet Symphony” and “Low Life in High Places". This new one shows that the band hasn’t lost their spark and still got that passion to continue making great music.

The album opens with “Last One to Turn Off the Lights" and it hits us with a guitar that really sets the tone for how the album will play out, even has this cool bass line playing underneath that. Once the song kicks in it is full on pure blues hard rock and a joy to listen too. The chorus here really gets you moving as the backing vocals carries it. The middle section brings it down then builds to a killer solo. This is a great song to open the album with.

Next up we got “Destruction" and this one almost has a sort of western style to it as it opens. Big guitar riffs then hit as the song goes down again and the riffs then come back up to build to a big chorus. This then builds again to a massive guitar solo as the song heads along with a great beat and rhythm to it. Right from the start the intro really  builds with the song “Going to Sin City". Once it kicks in this is a really rock n roll song. Completed with a sing along chorus this track is about going out and hitting the town and looking to have a good time. Once the guitar solo hits it manages to keep that rocking vibe that has been present throughout the song.

The song “I’ll Be The One" has a piano in its intro with a guitar to compliment it. Some very soft vocals then follow with this cool bass line running underneath it all. From listening this is a sort of ballad type of track and a real good sing along song as well. A sort of soft guitar solo plays over a piano line during the middle section too. This is a very different kind of song to the rest of the album.

Right after that one we are bring back the hard rocking with “Young Man". This one is a real bang your head kind of song that can really get you moving. They go for a big sound for the chorus and nail it, with the lyrics about reminiscing youthful times growing up. When the middle section hits it really brings the blues as it leads us into a killer guitar solo. This one is definitely a favourite of mine on this album. “You’re Gonna Be My Girl" is a really up beat rocking tune. When listening you can hear it has a really fun chorus too as the lead guitar lines and the keyboards add some extra flavour to it. The vocals here are on fire as the song strips down for the middle section only to bring it straight back up to get the crowd dancing.

We come to the final song on the album and with this one they are going out with a bang. Ove the song “She’s a Millionairess" starts with the Keyboards the song gives us this southern rock vibe along with the rest of the band. Some really catchy guitar lines play throughout and the backing vocals really helps to lift the chorus up. This is a really fun song to get you singing along with. It is a great choice of song to close the album with as it leaves you wanting more.

As mentioned at the start THUNDER are absolute legends and with “All the Right Noises" they again show you why that is so. This is pure bluesy hard rock. The album is full of rock n roll with some strong blues elements mixed in and a brilliant vocal performance by singer DANNY BOWES. The band hasn’t lost it at all and can still deliver the goods as from listening you can here that they still got that fire to keep making great music. If you are a fan of THUNDER and hard rock music you will love “All the Right Noises".

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 9
Musicianship: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Last One to Turn Off the Lights
2. Destruction
3. The Smoking Gun
4. Going to Sin City
5. Don’t Forget to Live Before You Die
6. I’ll Be the One
7. Young Man
8. You’re Gonna be My Girl
9. St. George’s Day
10. Force of Nature
11. She’s a Millionairess
Danny Bowes – Vocals
Luke Morley – Guitar
Ben Matthews – Guitar and Keyboards
Chris Childs – Bass
Gary “Harry" James – Drums
Record Label: Crash Records


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