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Thunder Lord - Prophecies of Doom

Thunder Lord
Prophecies of Doom
by Johnny Jackal at 09 August 2016, 11:16 AM

The Chile based Traditional Heavy Metal band is back with their third full-length studio album. This is the second time in a few weeks that I have a musician (or in this case a bunch of musicians) from Chile. They say they are a Power/Traditional Heavy Metal band but I just don’t see the Power Metal influences at all except the drawn out guitar solos that kind of gets on my nerves on this album. The guitarist is way too into it and just gives some wicked guitar solos but they are way too omnipresent on the album. It deters from the rest of the instruments and it overshadows anything else musically unfortunately. Look, the guy is great but I mean it’s just way too much for any listener to take.

I would have loved to have more space for the rest of the instruments. All in all, the omnipresence of guitars might be because the singer has quite a horrible singing voice. It’s like a poor man’s version (or bad love child) of Max Schmier from DESTRUCTION and Chris Boltendahl from GRAVE DIGGER. The guy has trouble keeping his notes and he pretty much yells in the microphone. Yes, there is raw emotion but the guy really lacks in overall talent unless he does not know how to channel his voice better. He screams and yells with a distinctive snarl. After 3 songs I was fed up listening to the singer. The music wasn’t bad at all (though quite repetitive at times) but man the guy’s voice really was grinding my gears! I love Traditional Heavy Metal, two of my favorite bands are JUDAS PRIEST and PRIMAL FEAR but this was overly simple and ripping off extended riffs here and there. It’s not bad per say, the production could have been a lot better as well but for a simple Chile based band, I guess it was the best that they could do. The album would have benefitted from a better overall sound quality.

It’s a subpar release but the guys are in the beginning of their career and have a lot in the tank for the future. If they could get a better singer with some range, they would be such a better band in my own honest opinion!

Songwriting: 4
Originality: 4
Memorability: 4
Production: 4

2 Star Rating

1. End of Time
2. Leave Their Corpses to the Wolves
3. Prophecies of Doom
4. Pillan
5. The Darkness’s Breath
6. Condemned to Death
7. The Blood Red Moon
8. Useless Violence
9. Winds of War
10. Metal Thunder
Esteban Penaillilo – Vocals/Guitars
Eduardo Nunez – Drums
Diego Munoz – Guitars
Francisco Menares – Bass
Record Label: Iron Shield Records


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